My Sunday Photo 17

My Sunday Photo

A Swan Family

Stumbling / Surprise / Clicking

Key Moment

O my word, ‘is that what I think it is?’, I babbled in my head to Precious Sparkle … as though he could telepathically see the words that simultaneously tumbled through my mind. I quickly pushed Precious Sparkle’s buggy closer to the moving scene, as I have done many times in recent months, whilst trying to get my camera ready-ish at the same time.

My, my, my, what a treat … Cygnets with Mama and Papa Mute Swan!

MySundayPhoto 17 | #MySundayPhoto | Mute Swan Family | | @aNoviceMum

I’m not sure whether Precious Sparkle has mastered the recognition of Geese as ‘Geese’, as opposed to Ducks – his word for both ‘Ducks’ and other water birds. Never mind that though, ‘time to add ‘Swan’ to his vocabulary’; I thought … without thinking – do you know what I mean? He hopefully saw the difference between the Duck he saw earlier, and the Geese and Swans that were on the river.

So, ‘Swan’, I excitedly said, with fingers pointing and head turning back and forth to Precious Sparkle; inbetween zooms and clicks. They weren’t staying still for my shots you see; I had to take as many pictures as possible before they moved out of sight.

I’ve only seen one Swan on this patch of the Thames before, and I can’t remember ever seeing baby Swans in person. I also definitely wasn’t expecting such an eventful close to our day out.

My Sunday Photo 17 | #MySundayPhoto | Cygnets | | @aNoviceMum


We had popped out earlier in the day for a quick visit to some lovely friends and Precious Sparkle fell asleep after a lot of energetic play and laughing fits. I wasn’t keen on disturbing his sleep by putting him in the car seat, driving home, and then taking him out of it. So instead, I suggested a walk to the walled garden that wasn’t TOO far away. This way, Precious Sparkle could sleep uninterrupted for a while longer.

We stopped at different points on the way to check out patches of the Thames we hadn’t seen before; such lovely places waiting to be discovered out there. Precious Sparkle woke up along the way; so much for my expectation of a long sleep. However, I was pleased we could share the sights and sounds we were enjoying with him.

I decided to go by the river on our way home; Precious Sparkle really enjoys seeing the Ducks and boats there. I didn’t know we were going to end up seeing 3 different bird families with their young; especially after seeing an Egyptian Geese Family the other weekend. As usual Precious Sparkle indicated when it was time to leave, and my camera eventually complied with my toddler’s need for a change of scenery.

Life Lesson

If Precious Sparkle hadn’t fallen asleep, we would have spent our afternoon in a different town and we wouldn’t have seen such lovely and burgeoning new life.

I’m so glad life didn’t go according to plan; thank God for a really pleasant treat. 🙂

Have you seen Cygnets before?

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24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 17

  1. You can see where the Ugly Ducking story came from. It is hard to believe they will transform into beautiful white swans


  2. I am so glad you got to see the cygnets – many of us see swans but far fewer get the chance to see the young. Here’s hoping they all survive.

    Many thanks for adding this lovely family to #AnimalTales and apologies for being so late in commenting – too many other things got in the way of blogging this week, although cygnets was not one of those!
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault recently posted…Plants at a Normandy MarketMy Profile

    • I shall take my Cygnets as a priviledge! It was definitely a real treat. And you know what? Real life is always more important than blogging; we can only do our best. Thanks for dropping by and comment, thanks for your lovely linky. 🙂

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