My Sunday Photo 22Mar15

My Sunday Photo

Sidewalk Flower Capture

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‘What’s my next Sunday photo going to be?’, I wondered.

“No time to take pictures after the service today. O dear!” I thought.

“I definitely want to go and check if I can get chicken carcass from the butcher up the road. Perhaps, I might get an interesting capture on the way back. I also want to see if I can capture the view from the garden by the hill, for my next ‘Check Out This View’ post too”. ~ some of the thoughts that went through my mind. 

“Please come with me, it’ll be a nice walk. I’ll take a few pictures if I find anything interesting on the way back. I will walk really fast so that we’re not too late”, I said to my hubby.

You see, he’s not really keen on waiting around whilst I try to get the ‘perfect shot’; he’s got other things to do!

So, off we went to the butcher.

I tried a few shots on the way but I got nothing really inspiring. My husband helped me to climb on and get down from ledges to check my potential ‘Check Out My View’ shot.

I felt unsure of my shots; it didn’t feel like I captured much.

Then we came upon some flowers, and I went straight for the camera; hoping to be surprised by the detail in my snaps.

My husband walked on after a while, hoping I’d hurry up, I suppose.

I looked, and shot, and moved, and shot, and zoomed, and shot ….

I even got my ‘Black and White‘ shot for the #bwphotoproject! I was very pleased with this.

And then this shot, totally unfiltered …. zoom, look, click, voila!

No doubt ‘My Sunday Photo’!

Sunday Photo 22Mar15

I hurried along; made a quick stop by another set of flowers, but made no inspiring capture. I ran until I caught up with my husband, I couldn’t wait to show him my brilliant capture.

A brilliant capture? What do you think?

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23 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 22Mar15

    • I know, right! It’s totally unfiltered, you’re definitely right. I rarely filter my shots anyway, but this is definitely ‘one of a kind’ out of all my captures. I find the ‘black and white vs. colour’ interaction so intriguing. Thanks for your comment.

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