My Sunday Photo 21: Lesson from a Half Bloom Flower

My Sunday Photo

Lesson from a Half Bloom Flower

Looking / Finding / Trying

I’d been meaning to join in with the Daily Post Picture Challenge for a very long time and I was so pleased to finally get around to it the other week. The theme was ‘Half and Half‘, but I wasn’t sure where to start. My first attempt was with this flower in our communal garden; it was about half-opened and I thought it worked with the theme.

Little did I know that this half bloom flower wasn’t going to be the piece of cake capture that I unconsciously assumed it would be.

As I have done many times over, I got took out my camera and started snapping. The first snap didn’t look good, nor did the second one, or the third … or the sixth! I zoomed in and out, and moved here and there, but the focus just wasn’t right.

My Sunday Photo 21 | #MySundayPhoto |Life Lesson from my attempt to photograph a flower that was partly in bloom.  | | @aNoviceMum

I should have walked away but I couldn’t. I found it so annoying that sometimes ‘it’ worked and other times not. Why the inconsistency? Why couldn’t I count on my camera to deliver all the time. What was I doing wrong? What did I do differently at the times that I got ‘it’?  The questions unconsciously clouded my mind, but there were no answers.

I had a choice: give up and go home, or keep trying and hoping.

Well, I decided to keep trying; I couldn’t stop hoping that perhaps I might get it. I didn’t know it was going to be this time-consuming, but I really wanted to capture this flower, well. Then I took the seventh picture and it looked more like ‘it’ … then the eight.

My Sunday Photo 21 | #MySundayPhoto | Half Bloom Flower: life lesson from trying to take a good picture for my 'Half and Half' Daily Photo Challenge theme | | @aNoviceMum

I kept on snapping until the fifteenth. As usual, I couldn’t wait to check the pictures on my computer to see their actual quality; my camera unfortunately doesn’t always show it as it is. The eight picture was overall the best; the lighting, the colours, the zoom, and the focus all came together to make it THE PICTURE of the lot.

I felt so pleased that I didn’t give up; but instead kept trying … and even more, that I GOT IT!

Yes, there was no guarantee it would HAPPEN, and it might not have HAPPENED.

However, it did HAPPEN.


Because I tried to make it HAPPEN, and I didn’t stop trying to make it HAPPEN until it HAPPENED!

Who knew that a flower could teach so much … that photographing a flower could yield such a life lesson.

Have you learnt any life lessons from taking pictures?

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20 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 21: Lesson from a Half Bloom Flower

  1. Great post, and I agree that photography has a lot of lessons to teach us all. I also persevere with photos until I get them right. But sometimes, the best lesson that comes from photography is just to notice things. I am terribly guilty of walking round and not really seeing how lovely my surroundings are. Knowing that I want to get a good photo from the day makes me really look. There’s so much I wouldn’t see otherwise.
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    • Thanks for dropping by. I’ve found this to be the case too. It’s incredible how much more you see when you’re trying to take a picture. Indeed, if I wasn’t working on my photo challenge, I probably wouldn’t have noticed this flower enough to even try to capture it on camera. I appreciate it so much more because photographing it brought out its beauty more to me. 🙂

  2. Way to go, your persistence paid off, I love this photo. The shapes, the colors. Just gorgeous! I seem to have learned quite a bit since I started participating in Sunday Photos, it’s amazing how easy it looks, but how hard it actually is!

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