My Sunday Photo 13

My Sunday Photo

Pooping Bee / Wasp / Fly

Stopping / Checking / Snapping

It’s the turn of the bees this week; but a wasp won the pick. ‘What is she on about’, you might wonder. Well, I’d planned to share some of my recent bee captures with you; a change from my bird picture adventures. However, my unintended wasp shot can’t wait to be shared; it’s perhaps my most surprising picture to date.

I was walking home from work the other day, when I once again stopped at this gradually blooming rose tree in someone’s open front garden. I keep hoping those who own the garden don’t mind my regular stops to take pictures.

As I snapped away from different angles and distances, I noticed what I initially thought was a bee on one of the opening buds. I was however surprised that it was mostly still and not buzzing around. ‘Very strange’, I thought. However, I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with taking close shots of the flower and what was on it.

I really like macro photographs; they bring out so much beauty in what seems so minute. The ‘small’ becomes bigger and more noticeable in macro.

#MySundayPhoto 13 | Wasp on a rose| | @aNoviceMum

I clicked and zoomed, and clicked; until I reminded myself that I needed to get home to my lovely hubby and son. I was intrigued that the ‘bee’ hadn’t moved much; no flying at all … shocking but pleased with my captures.

I later shared the pictures with my husband on camera’s screen, and later asked him to view them with me on the computer. There it was; a round light brown dropping from the ‘bee’. I couldn’t believe it; I was so excited. It made me remember Purfylle’s #MySundayPhoto from last month, of a pooping bird in flight. ‘What a #MySundayPhoto this will make,’ I thought.

#MySundayPhoto 13 | Wasp on a rose| | @aNoviceMum

I concluded it was a wasp and not a bee, after some discussion with my hubby and google image search. I didn’t even know that wasps poop, until I saw my picture. Did you?

I saw a wasp relieving itself without knowing; I wonder if that’s why it didn’t move much whilst I was taking my pictures. 

#MySundayPhoto 13 | Wasp pooping on a rose close up | | @aNoviceMum

A life lesson in this?

The whole experience felt a bit like a metaphor.

It made me wonder how much goes on right in front of me that I don’t see, except I view it through a different spectacle.

I didn’t see the wasp in action with my eyes, I suppose I was not looking for it and perhaps it was too small for me to see. I didn’t see it through my camera’s lens though it was a close up shot; maybe because I was not expecting anything like to it to be happening. I didn’t see it until I viewed it on my desktop with its bigger screen.

What in my life right now requires a different medium through which it needs to be viewed, to really see all it is?


Is it a bee, wasp, or fly on the rose? – I’m still not sure.

A friend said it’s a fly but I don’t think so, especially when I look at the 3rd picture and compare it to another picture of a fly on a flower that I recently snapped. However, I’ve been reminded that there are different types of flies. O well, hopefully someone who definitely knows will clarify this ‘mystery’ at some point. 🙂

Have you taken any picture that turned out to have more character than you thought?

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62 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 13

  1. Well you learn something new every day.
    Great detailed photo that obviously highlights everything even poop, that we might miss without closeups. Maybe the fright of having a closeup was all too much for him (lol)
    I’ve taken a closeup of a swallow for my photo this week… I was amazed at his colours and gorgeous detail.
    Have a great week ;D
    Neesie recently posted…My Sunday Photo… swallowMy Profile

    • O yes, we do. I wonder if it was the fright of such invasion to its privacy 🙂 … hadn’t quite thought about it like that. Your swallow pic is delicate and lovely :-). Have a great week too, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    • I know, right. I’ve never too. I bet we miss a lot because we don’t really look, because we’re stuck in our way of looking etc (I see a blog post coming on there) :-). Thanks for dropping by :-).

    • So glad to be part of such loveliness: having fun and developing literacy skills. 🙂 I’m not 100% sure it’s a Wasp, but whatever it is poops and I caught it in action :-). Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I can only imagine what the wasp/bee was thinking as it tried to get on with it’s business, whilst being photographed!

    It is a funny looking creature, it doesn’t definitely look like a wasp, bee or fly! Maybe it’s one of those that look like a stinging creature (for protection), but is in fact only a fly. Will be interesting to find out.

    Debbie recently posted…Dog Grooming For Summer…My Profile

    • I know, right. I really should have respected its privacy, if only I knew what was going on right before my eyes. I definitely don’t think it’s a bee and I don’t think it’s a fly either; not sure I’ve ruled out wasp yet. I hope someone who knows will swing around soon and put this matter to rest. Perhaps I ought to take these pictures on tour and get it out to someone who might identify the pooping ‘what’s it’. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Wow what amazing captures, and you are right how much exactly goes on that we don’t notice? My hubby is always saying that I don’t notice things. #PointShoot

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. There are also folks who notice a lot but not what we wished they noticed :-). Such a variety of us, hey. I suppose that’s part of why we need each other, because no one else sees it completely. 🙂

    • Thanks Rosie; I don’t have a special macro lens. My Fuji preloved camera is responsible for this ‘bee’ poo capture. I’ve had others tell me they’re 100% sure it’s not a bee; perhaps it’s as likely to be a bee as it isn’t. 🙂 Thanks for your lovely linky.

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