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My Sunday Photo

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After my Robin captures and achievements in the last few weeks, I’m now exploring taking pictures of flying birds. I’m not into birds but I notice them more often now. This is all thanks to some of what blogging has given me: more attention to detail, increased enjoyment of photography, and more interest in taking better pictures.

As is now usual for me, I was paying a lot of attention during my walk with Precious Sparkle on Sunday. This, at one point, resulted in a run with the buggy to capture a water splash shot. I had to slow down my pace afterwards, to catch my breath.

And then we came upon some birds being fed by different people; ‘quack’ …  ‘duck’ … ‘quack’ … ‘duck’ … Precious Sparkle animatedly called out. I was pleasantly surprised and quite taken aback; he takes in so much more from our reading than it seems.

After getting my head around his excited talk, I got out the camera; different types of birds were flying and landing all over the place. Maybe … just maybe, I’ll get the detailed flying bird shot I’m after.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Flying Bird caThere was barely any time in between each shot. I kept trying; hoping that one or more of the pictures might actually be alright. And then there was this capture that took me a while to see what it was (after the experience was over); and my, what landed not too far from us …

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck c1

I’ve never seen this bird before; my lovely friend A**** researched it and told me it’s an Egyptian Geese. It is so stunning … and my, what a lady if it’s female … so graceful … so beautiful … check out the colours!

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck

It’s also one fierce bird; there is no messing about it! It sure does stand out in a lovely way.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck c2

Whist checking out my capture, I noticed some Canadian geese gliding really fast on the water. I’d never seen this happen before, and I got the camera rolling as fast as I could and just about caught one of them in action … and then another flying bird … and another. By this time, Precious Sparkle’s excited shouts of ‘quack’ and ‘duck’ had given rise to sounds filled with irritation and urgency for a different scene.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Flying Bird c2

It was definitely time to go; taking with us a new set of experiences. As for my fabulous shot of a flying bird, I’ll just have to wait until next time.


Do you have any tips for me, on how to capture detailed pictures of flying birds?

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45 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 10

  1. Birds in flight take practice and luck (and fast shutter speed) and you will get there. Keep at it! I love the legs akimbo shot of your pretty duck. I wonder if she is a mandarin duck? Shell ducks are pretty too. You got some lovely captures of her.
    Stella Lee@ Purfylle recently posted…My Sunday Shot 23My Profile

    • Thanks so much; I’ll keep practising. I think it was your post I read about changing the Time Value to make the shutter speed faster; I haven’t found this function on my camera yet … I’ll continue looking for it. 🙂

  2. A brilliant selection of images and well done for catching the birds in flight and various other poses. I find birds are almost impossible to photograph, especially when flying. I think you’ve done very well and totally get what you say about blogging increasing your interest in photography. #MySundayPhoto
    John Adams recently posted…London skyline #MySundayPhotoMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It sure takes a lot of skill and very good camera to capture flying birds. Yeah, it’s also lovely that the photography interest goes beyond finding pictures for one’s blog. 🙂

  3. “… some of what blogging has given me: more attention to detail, increased enjoyment of photography, and more interest in taking better pictures.” Isn’t that awesome? It’s because of blogging that my interest and love for photography was reinvigorated. There is so much inspiration out there. I have learned so much from so many in the blogging community.

    Thanks for linking up with us over at Communal Global. 🙂
    Buckeroomama recently posted…Weeds, Just WeedsMy Profile

    • There really is a lot of inspiration out there and so much to learn. I have definitely learnt a lot from the blogosphere too. Thanks for taking time to comment on my post 🙂 Your photographs are so fab!

  4. I never took pictures of flying birds… And I totally agree with you… Blogging really gives you more attention to details and let you know people and places that you would never see or met in other ways! And that’s also the spirit of Communal Global, so thanks for sharing!
    Barbara recently posted…:: WatW :: BORGHETTO.My Profile

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. There’s so much in our world to enjoy and we can’t be everywhere; so sharing with each other a measure of other sights, sounds, tastes, and feels is wonderful. 🙂

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