My Sunday Photo 18

My Sunday Photo

A Black Bird Find

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I finally put the gear into motion for Precious Sparkle’s swimming lesson this week. It has taken me over 16 months to get to this point for a variety of reasons.

After much dilly dallying on Monday, I popped out of the house with Precious Sparkle on my back and my camera on my shoulder. It’s only about 5 mins walk to the pool but I’ve learnt that I never know when my camera would come in handy.

Well, handy it did. We were only a few steps through the gate of the leisure centre when I noticed this black bird roaming and hopping about on the grass before us.

My Sunday Photo 17 | #MySundayPhoto | Cygnets | | @aNoviceMum

I quickly unzipped the camera bag, took out the camera, changed the setting to ‘sport’, focused and zoomed, and snapped away. I took picture after picture until the bird moved too far away for a clear shot. Live birds don’t make still models, hey! 🙂

I then zipped the camera away and went about my primary business.

I checked the pictures on my computer screen when I got home and I deleted most of them. However, there were two shots that made me call out to my husband as I usually do when I’m gobsmacked.

I have captured and shared a picture of a black bird I once took, but it wasn’t this good. Tweet:

My Sunday Photo 18 | #MySundayPhoto | A Black Bird with worm in its beak on the way to signing up for swimming lessons (different tone) | | @aNoviceMum

My word, did I really capture these! Did I? There is no guarantee of a good shot in a multitude of pictures, but I’ve learnt that the more I snap, the more opportunities I give myself of taking a picture I’ll be pleased with.

I of course noted things that could be better with the pictures after I got over my, ‘check that out’ feeling. The luxury of hindsight when you know something isn’t bad is one I can live with. 🙂

Are you ever surprised by the quality of some of your pictures?

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  1. Great photo! I never seem to be able to photograph birds. I sometimes get surprised by photos on my phone which turn out better than expected. When I use my proper camera I always take multiple shots to give myself the best chance of getting one decent one.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 28.6.15My Profile

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