My Sunday Photo 29Mar15

My Sunday Photo

A Front Garden Shot

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I didn’t realise how inspiring people’s front gardens can be, until I started taking pictures of flowers on my bridge camera, and joining in with photography blog link parties.

There is so much beauty to be discovered … so much loveliness awaiting split second captures … in many front gardens … on many sidewalks.

I continue to be amazed by what my camera sees that I don’t without it; the detail it captures that escapes my eyes.

It’s not that I don’t look; it’s just that my camera, with my help,  is able to focus on a moment in time in a way that I can’t.

I look to the side as I saunter down the road; I glance at front gardens when I pass by, and hope no one thinks I’m weird.

I stop when I see something that catches my attention … I get and raise my camera with expectation … I look … zoom … adjust … I hesitate until it looks just right … I snap … I hope no one is concerned about my actions. 🙂

My camera seems to see more in that split second than my eyes appears to take in … the movement, the colours, the pretty, and even the ugly.

Sunday Photo 29Mar15

It’s incredible too how each shot taken within seconds apart can be different; depending on the lighting, the distance between the camera and the object, how steady the camera is, and other factors I’m not aware of.

Sunday Photoo 29Mar15b

… incredible sights of such lovelies in creation … a #beautyinthehaze of what life sometimes is

You know though, when you’ve got the better one!

I tend to stop after each snap to take a look at my capture, and I’m always so pleased when I feel like I’ve got THE SHOT; a signal that it’s time to move on from that front garden until another time. 🙂

Do you find front gardens inspiring? Which of my 2 snaps do you think is the better shot?

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18 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 29Mar15

  1. I’m the same there is a garden I pass that I just need the owner to be out of when I pass. She has this garden bench with and elderly couple sitting on. It true to size and amazing.
    The top photo would be my favourite it looks crisper. 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Motivational MondayMy Profile

  2. I love this-your photography is wonderful. Totally agree that a camera captures what we don’t always see but I do believe it is mostly down to the photographer behind the lens and not the camera itself therefore you are a brilliant photographer! x
    Amy recently posted…Point + Shoot Tuesday 31st MarchMy Profile

  3. I love both photos because they show different shades of pink–am drowning in a foot of frozen snow still in my backyard! Novice mom or not, your child thrives on all your lovely adventures. I hope you’ll Join me at
    Kathy recently posted…April AstronomyMy Profile

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