My Sunday Photo 14

My Sunday Photo

A Bumble Bee Flower Riding

Opportunity / Noticing / Capturing

How lovely sharing about my pooping Bee / Wasp / Fly capture last week; I still can’t get over it and what I learnt from the experience. I also remain unsure about whether it’s a Bee, wasp, or fly though different people have told me which they believe it to be.

So this week, I’ve decided to share my picture of a flying insect whose identity isn’t a mystery. They seem to be ‘everywhere’ at the moment; wherever you have brightly coloured flowers at least. Indeed, I haven’t noticed so many Bumble Bees in my life.

Capturing pictures of bees is an interest that resulted from my desire to capture flying birds, and this came out of my intrigue with photographing movement.

I remember much earlier in Spring when the trees started blooming … standing beneath this tree at work … on my way home in the evenings … trying to take pictures of flying   bees. I wasn’t as familiar with my camera settings then and the bees just moved too fast. I always walked away with blurred pictures and aching shoulders and neck; it was more important to get home to my toddler than waiting for the elusive shot I was after.

If only I knew that there will be plenty of and better opportunities later in the season, I wouldn’t have bothered with that tree.

I was on my way home from work when I noticed a few Bumble Bees on this lovely coloured flower. I quickly fished out my camera from my bag and snapped away from different angles; hoping that a few of them might be good shots.

In this one, it seemed it was clinging for dear life, but I know it wasn’t. The bees flew bounced from petal to petal, taking what they could get from each one. It of course held on in the way that was essential for it to get what it was in each instance.

#MySundayPhoto 14 | Bumble Bee hanging from flower | | @aNoviceMum

It’s intriguing how much you can see in a photograph compared to real-time sometimes. I couldn’t have seen the detail in the wings of these bees any other way in this situation.

MySundayPhoto 14 | Bumble Bee  wing detail | | @aNoviceMum

My favourite of the pictures is this one where the bee seems to be riding the flower; looking at it made me smile and I hope it does you too.

#MySundayPhoto 14 | Bumble Bee riding flower | | @aNoviceMum

It’s incredible to consider the important jobs these bees do just by eating; even more jaw dropping is the economic value of the resulting pollination of their flower hops.

How so much … affecting so many … is accomplished by the mundane act of eating!

Have you noticed all the Bumble bees around?

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37 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 14

  1. Did your blog get a new look or am I just tired this am? Either way, it looks good and you are right about bees. This bumble is quite big compared to the flower he is supping from.
    Brooke recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  2. Bees really are amazing things – I’m horribly allergic to both them and and wasps, but I am never bothered by bees. In fact – I told my husband that I want to get a hive when we move into our new house. They do such good work and are in such jeopardy right now. You’ve done such a good job of capturing them here – you’re right about the detail that you can see in a photo that you miss and I love that last photo too!

    Thank you for joining us again this week for Photo Friday and for all of your support – I really appreciate your comments and your sharing of others’ posts. The community around these link-ups is the absolute best part of it!
    Jen recently posted…Photo Friday – Blessing of the FleetMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment; I really appreciate it. Bees are really important in our lives; shame you’re allergic to them but fab they don’t bother you. I’m not brave enough to keep a hive but it’s good that you might go for it. Bees do need folks to look out for them in this day and age. Linkys are lovely blogging communities and there’s much to be gained when one can commit to them enough. 🙂

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