Our First Latch

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 Right now

Writing about our first latch fills me with a range of emotions I can’t quite describe. I find myself absent-mindedly smiling from the depths of my belly; catching myself doing this, only to knowingly smile some more.

It was almost 18 months ago when we first latched. It’s been almost 18 months since my bundle of joy landed on my bosom. Oh, how precious the thought of the moment when I first suckled my Precious Sparkle.

Pre Latch

You know, I never gave much thought to breastfeeding before I started breastfeeding. I suppose I just assumed that I’ll breastfeed. You see, children have not been my cup of tea for years; and I wasn’t in a hurry to become a mother. So when I was pregnant, I couldn’t see much beyond each point in my pregnancy. I shied away from thinking too much about giving birth, and I barely thought about how I’d feed my baby.

The NHS* breastfeeding antenatal class I attended referred to the idea of latching a baby, but it went over my head. I didn’t fare well with our latching practice either; fancy learning how to latch with really ugly bulky dolls and overused knitted breasts.

Our First Latch

Our First Latch

Oh, its memory is so blessed. I don’t remember much of it but I’ve got pictures to help me.

My birth plan hadn’t gone according to plan; I however accepted the turn in the most painful experience of my life. The safest option for the delivery of the love I couldn’t wait to meet face to face was really … my only option.

After all the drama, he safely arrived on that blessed Monday. According to my time stamped (so glad they are) pictures, a very experienced midwife helped with positioning him on my side, just short of an hour after he was born. She helped us to latch whilst a few medical folks looked on. She then gradually withdrew and left us to it.

O my word, that was our first latch … no drama … no memory of it … just reliving it through the pictures of the moment … that was it, our very first latch! I wasn’t prepared for it, I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t feel I had much of a clue about what I was doing. In fact, I didn’t know what hit me.

I was tired, over overwhelmed (I know), and not sure how I felt then and now. So much madness had gone down trying to meet my little man and there he was … gently placed by my side, by a very reassuring midwife. You could tell she had done this before, so many times. It was no big deal to her, just another one I suppose; but a life changer for me … for us.

A new relationship born at the boobs, still going strong almost 18 months down the line; after quite a roller coaster ride of learning on the go.

I can see the smile on my face as I intently looked down at my little boy nestled close to me, being helped to latch on to me. He latched on alright, to his ecstatic mother. It’s not that I actually felt ecstatic … I don’t think I did … but I think I must have been.

I suppose I’m not a big feeling kinda of girl and I don’t think I felt any rush of emotions, but it didn’t matter. My little boy was there next to me, and he was safe and sound. He ate from me, like he had done for so many months.

I gazed at him in wonder then, and I’m still filled with awe now. I … I … I’m actually a mother … a mother to a jolly little fellow like my Precious Sparkle. This little person latched on to me, depended on me; and I love him in a way I can’t explain.

Yes, that was our first latch … almost 18 months ago … the first of many joyful (sometimes painful) ones to come. So exhilarating, so exciting, so inspiring, so surreal, so mind blowing, so much love … yes, that was our first latch.

Do you remember your first latch? If you don’t breastfeed, do you remember the fist time you did something that’s really special to you?

*(Free) National Health Service in the UK

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140 thoughts on “Our First Latch

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  2. What a lovely post to read, how magical – it really felt magical for me, it seemed to erase all the pain and the anxiety that had come before. I think the entire world stood still and was silent for that first feed.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful first latch moment – it’s brought back memories for me and made me smile =)
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…The Start of my Breastfeeding JourneyMy Profile

    • Oh the first feed … yes indeed, my world definitely stood still and nothing else mattered to me in those moments. Simply wonderful, really :-). Such lovely memories to ponder on; so glad it made you smile. I’m smiling as I write my response to 🙂

  3. Ahhhh a lovely post – thank you for sharing your magical experience! I remember my first latch too – I was so proud of myself!

  4. I have fed all my boys, nothing better for bonding than that first latch. Congrats on carrying on for as long 😁

  5. I remember the first time I fed my wee boy. Such a lovely bonding experience and I’m so glad I persevered with the pain!

  6. A lovely long dress with a split up the side it’s lovely. Loved reading your blog post 🙂

  7. I had problems with my first child latching on she could not suck hard enough to get enough milk so we had no choice but to bottle feed in the end

  8. I found the first latch with my daughter 9.5 years ago relatively easy, but I just couldn’t do it after that. I tried expressing but gave up after just 2 weeks. Have regretted it ever since and am more determined than ever to get it right with number 2. Due in 10 weeks and hoping to feed until at least 6 months, hopefully a year this time 🙂

  9. I’m not actually sure when my first latch was, as my daughter was tongue tied, so wasn’t feeding properly/at all to start with. She definitely latched when I used nipple shields as an interim measure, but not sure whether she really fed any directly before that (I was expressing and syringe/cup feeding).

  10. The first latch happened by accident for me. I wasn’t even trying and she just gobbled up my boob!

  11. Thanks for a lovely post! I am expecting my first baby in February, so I haven’t experienced a first latch, but can’t wait!

    • So exciting; congratulations. I wish I had thought about it before and taken in every little detail. I hope you particularly enjoy your first latch 🙂 All the best with the rest of your pregnancy 🙂

  12. I felt a massive wave of relief!! I can do this!!
    And so so proud of my little baby and me of course.
    It’s such an emotional moment

  13. awwwww so sweet ! lovely post, mine was with my son harry and to be honest i was going to bottle feed ! however i had a csection and had skin to skin the minute he was born he was lay on my chest and sort of just rooted a little and before i knew it he’d done it himself there he was having a munch bless him so that was it it felt so natural i knew id be breast feeding instead of the bottle feeding it wasn’t easy but it was right for us fab giveaway x

    • Thanks so much. 🙂 So good that you had skin to skin after your c-section, not every mum does sadly. Awwww, what a lovey story with your Harry. Breastfeeding super challenging but right for us too. The MAM Breastfeeding and Steriliser set is a fab giveaway, isn’t it.

  14. I dont remember much of them moments after birth, you kind of loose yourself in the moments, but i also have photos of that first lach, was lucky, she lached on within 30 mins of bieng born 🙂

  15. My first latch was an amazing feeling as I wasn’t able to feed baby no 1. First latch was with baby no 2 and it was the only latch. I am hopeful that it will be 3rd time lucky when baby no 3 arrives in December 🙂

    • If only the first latch is representative of things to come, what a breeze it would be for a lot of us. Even then, it’s to be enjoyed and I’m glad you enjoyed yours. Hoping with you that #3 goes well. All the very best 🙂 What an exciting time for you.

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  17. My first latch with my son was ok, i think you always wonder first time if youre doing it right! i could only do it for 6 weeks as he wanted so much more and i just couldnt supply it. Im hoping with this next baby i will be able to feed alot longer as i regret giving up so quickly

    • Awwww … you didn’t ‘give up’, you just did what worked for you at the time. All the best with your upcoming journey and congratulations. I hope you have the support you need to make it work as you would like.

  18. I remember both times thinking it was too easy until the next day when the pain of bruised nipples due to a bad latch starts. Had to get help from a breast feeding consultant both times, more the first time as I was so scared I wasn’t feeding him enough and that I was just useless at feeding. I had a lot more confidence the second time but it still took a lot of practice and some help to get it right. I’m so glad I got help as now it is an enjoyable experience rather than the one I used to dread in the first few days.

    • You can’t quite understand the pain of the next day until you get there; lovely that you can’t too, otherwise it would spoil the enjoyment of the first latch. Pain and tears characterised so many weeks after our first latch. It’s lovely to know that it was better the second time despite its own challenges. I definitely wouldn’t have made it without help. Dreading the next feed is not a good feeling; but the joy when you get it right is so fab, isn’t it. 🙂

  19. I really stuggled to feed properly to begin with, it took about 2 weeks to feed well. The first time he properly latched well was about a week in and it was amazing!
    I perservered and 18 months later am still going strong!
    Breast feeding is so rewarding 🙂

  20. Did I comment? Thought I did. But I don’t know now. I don’t remember the first time feeding her, takes me a while to recover from anaesthetic. Don’t think she really latched on first time, my milk was just about pouring out of me, so she didn’t really have to. But she soon learned and that was so much quicker and easier.

    • You commented twice on the giveaway post. :-). It’s okay. So lovely that you had so much milk from the beginning :-). They do learn how to latch and that makes breastfeeding easier (definitely more pain free), once it’s happening correctly. 🙂

  21. remember it with all 3, my 3rd was a couple of days after he was born so even more special as i couldnt wait to get him on x

  22. The first latch was brilliant immediately after the birth it was just the following weeks I had problems! This was with my 1st son 5 years ago.

  23. I remember my first latch (although it was 28 years ago) I was very proud of myself as I felt I could give my son a proper start in life 🙂 x

  24. my little one wouldnt latch on, i had to sty in hospital 3 days until she did 🙁 i had to pump and feed her through syringe. then finally on the 3rd day, my hubby had popped to McDonalds, and she latched on, best moment of my life, i was lay on my side, and the nurse placed her next to me, lay down too, and she went straight on, we had always done it with me st up before.

  25. A lovely post. I am due to become a first time mum in January and I really want to breastfeed, so I am really enjoying all the World Breastfeeding Week information around at the moment xx

  26. Really hoping my little girl will feed okay when she’s born, and that I produce okay.

    It is always a worry

    • Hoping with you too. Congratulations and all the best with your breastfeeding journey. If you are worried, it might be worth finding your local La Leche League group and attending their meetings; or another local breastfeeding group. They really help.

  27. Lovely post. I remember our first latch vaguely, unfortunately about 5 minutes later my baby was whisked to special care and I couldn’t hold her again until she was 3 or 4 days old, but despite the odds, we still managed to breastfeed successfully in the end x

  28. What a lovely inspiring story. I will share this with my expecting sister who also can’t seem to think ahead to this stage.

    • I bet you burst into tears. So lovely that you’ve a film of it; so wish I had one of mine. What special moment to document and look back on. Oh, the wriggling up; I look forward to that next time round. 🙂 So, so special 🙂

  29. I have no experience of breast feeding but my sister in law is due in October so will be passing on this link so she can read this.

  30. What a lovely post. I shall share it with my daughter who gave birth to my first granddaughter a couple of months ago.

  31. As a Mum to 3 non latchers I’m glad we’re not having any more children. Always had to resort to pumping and did so religiously for 4-5 months and then moved on to formula, there was times when I was so ready to give up, especially with our second who was born only 13 months after our first, didn’t sleep due to severe silent reflux (took months to diagnose) but I think overall we did pretty well x

  32. lovely post 🙂 my first latch was amazing 🙂 with my third child the experience wasn’t good at all though, turned out she was tongue tied (which has now snapped) but felt sad I couldn’t have the same experience third time round.

    • I bet you were sad; but so lovely that your previous ones were fab. You must have been so relieved to find out about the tongue tie and even more when it snapped. Tongue ties can be such nightmares for breastfeeding journeys 🙂

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