Silent Sunday 27

Silent Sunday 27

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Wednesday Without Words 8 | Tiptoe Toddler

Wednesday Without Words 8 | Tip Toe Toddler

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Silent Sunday 26

Silent Sunday 26: 3 Bees on 2 Flowers Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 23: The Squirreling Squirrel

Quick / Snap / Go

Thanks to everyone who dropped by last week to check out my captured lovely older Cygnets, it meant a lot to me. I continue to adjust to the current waves in my life and find my blogging feet again.

I’m sharing a lovely quiet moment that I had with this squirreling squirrel just before the May half-term school holiday, when my work life took an unexpected but unsurprising turn. I was on my way home, carrying my work stuff, with my camera bag dangling from my shoulder when the scene started unfolding.

I had just walked past my head teacher’s office when I noticed my furry ‘friend’ nearby. As I have now down eons of times, I quickly got the camera out of its bag, positioned it, found my focus, and snapped away.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel s

I must say Squirrels, like many other animals are fun to watch but I’d prefer to do this from a distance. One of the fab things about my camera is its 30x zoom; it allows me to get close to my subject even when I’m far from it. 🙂

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel z

It’s nearest ear looks like a raised tiny hand. I suppose it’s seen some nibbling 🙁

I’m not a fan of Squirrels but I find them fascinating. They are so quick on their feet and I keep trying to capture them in action.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel c

I mean, they are here … there … everywhere and nowhere, before you know it. You can get dizzy and tired just by watching them, as they criss-cross all over the place.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel 2

Squirrels are so small and cute; and way too friendly for my liking a lot of times (in public spaces in England). My word, they can run super fast and climb to the top of a tree in the blink of an eye.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel r

Even then, they have split second moments, when they stay still … really still enough to watch you whilst you watch them … and perhaps capture them on your camera if you so desire, like I did. 🙂

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel l

Are you a Squirrel fan?

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Caption My Capture 1: @ the bottom of the slide

I never knew it was possible to have so many, ‘I wonder what he is thinking’ moments, until I became a mother. I have never felt that much interest and known such extent of intrigue, watching another person running around or being still, until I gave birth. These moments are so special and my days are filled them.

‘Caption My Capture’ is my little attempt to explore what goes on in Precious Sparkle’s head, as he decides what to do and lives his life before my eyes. I know I’ll never know what his unspoken thoughts are, and those thoughts he express in ways I don’t understand. Even then, it’s fun wondering what he is thinking, and I thought it would be interesting to read what you think he might be thinking too. 🙂

So on Saturdays, I’m aiming to share a picture of my little man in action, for you to caption. I can’t wait to read what you think, he is thinking in the captured moments I hope to share.

1. PS bottom slide I took this picture earlier in the month at our local playground. As usual, it was such fun watching him having fun. My focus was largely on his safety as he ran here and there.

However, I occasionally wondered how he decided which equipment caught his fancy, and how long to stay on one before moving on to another. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to stay on the swing longer than he did, though he had shown interest in it.

I was baffled about why he ran moved away from the roundabout many times, only to come back to it again and again.

The slide didn’t get his attention until another toddler showed interest in it, and then it was up and down, and up and down, on and on for ages. I took the picture above during this time.

So, what was he thinking at the bottom of the slide when I took this picture. Here is my caption:

‘O my word, what fun; I’ve got to go slide down again!’

So, what’s your caption of my capture? What do you think he was thinking in that moment?

Wednesday Without Words 7 | Dad and Child Climbing Up

Wednesday Without Words: Dad and Child climbing up

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Silent Sunday 25

Silent Sunday: Purple-y Flower

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My Sunday Photo 22: Lessons From Older Lovely Cygnets

Stumbling / Surprise / Learning

I am so pleased to be joining in with My Sunday Photo again, after what seems like a long undesirable absence.

The other week, on my way back from my Toddler Breastfeeding Group, Precious Sparkle and I came across some Swans. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Cygnet amongst them. 🙂 This was different from the first time I saw Cygnets (on a different patch of the Thames); they were small-ish and they stayed close to their parents.  Continue reading

Silent Sunday 24

Silent Sunday | Two Feeding Bees

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Silent Sunday 23

Silent Sunday | Sunflower: a corner view

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