My Sunday Photo 15Mar15

My Sunday Photo

A sunset chase

Observing / Paying attention / Sharing / Developing my photography

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Check Out This View 3

Check out this view:

A rising sun in the early morn

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Silent Sunday 3

Silent Sunday 08Mar15

My Sunday Photo 08Mar15

My Sunday Photo

3 shades of 1

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Point and Shoot 03Mar15

3 Shades of a Flower

Excitement about developing and improving my photography skills is one of the things blogging has given me.

Joining in blog photography focused link parties have been a fab inspiration in this regard. So, here is my ‘Point and Shoot’, one of the many pictures I took after fellowshipping with dear friends on Sunday.

Point and Shoot 03Mar15: a close up of a beautiful flower. Adventures of a Novice Mum

Hold on, there’s more of the same to share, though it’s somewhat different.

First things first, the background story …

Whilst showing my recently acquired preloved bridge camera to a dear friend this Sunday, I stumbled upon a ‘new’ feature on it, ‘film simulation’.

Admittedly, I’d seen this feature before, but I’d not thought to explore what it was about.

‘Why’, you might ask? I’m not exactly sure really. I suppose the title, ‘film simulation’ didn’t seem … hummmm … up my ‘current-photography-development’ street.

How wrong I was, I can’t get enough of this feature now; I wish I had checked it out earlier.

So, the feature …. can you believe it? I can actually take black and white, and sepia, and more toned pictures directly with my camera. I don’t have to rely on photo editing sites or programs to do this anymore! So exciting 🙂

Have a look at the sepia version of the flower above, my Point and Shoot picture from this weekend …

Point and Shoot 03Mar15: a different version of this beautiful flower. Adventures of a Novice Mum

… and the black and white version …

Point and Shoot 03Mar15: another version of this beautiful flower. Adventures of a Novice Mum

… no editing, save for reducing their sizes and adding my ‘logo’ on picmonkey.

A beauty in the haze that life can be sometimes. #beautyinthehaze

What do you think?

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 You Baby Me Mummy

Check Out This View 2

Check out this view; a beautiful sky through the trees … a reason to stand and stare.

I know it happens daily, but my, what a view!

This splash of colours is breathtaking.

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My Sunday Photo 01Mar15

My Sunday Photo.

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