All you need to know about Broken Links

What are broken links?

Broken, dead, or rotten links are web links that no longer work.

They are web clicks that take you to internal or external links that show 404 page not found errors; meaning that the link never existed or doesn’t exist anymore.

What causes broken links?

When web addresses change without being redirected or adjusted to new relevant address, if any; or when they are incorrectly typed, link rot results.

These happens when:

  • sites shut down
  • sites change domains
    • perhaps due to a move from free to paid hosting, rebranding, or a fresh start
  • external sites are mistakenly linked as an internal sites
    • e.g. linking to from my blog without adding the ‘http://‘, will result in the non-existent url, instead of the working web address,
  • pages are deleted within a site for whatever reason
  • particular permalinks are changed
  • the permalink structure of sites are changed
  • web addresses are made up and entered in the url part of the comment section of sites
    • this usually happens when users who don’t own sites don’t know they don’t have to type in a url if they have none.
  • typos occur when typing in links
  • sites are offline for whatever reason
  • payment is not made for a domain or/and web hosting

What can be done about broken links?

They can be found and fixed!

To do this, search the plugin directory for your website or blog platform, for a plugin that can help to find and fix broken links, or check and individually fix them yourself through broken link checker websites.

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