Black and White 3

The Black and White Photography Project: My Toddler by a Fountain with Dirty Water

‘Dirty’, ‘dirty’, ‘dirty’; I said in increasing harsher tones. I suppose I hoped my repetition and tone will somehow drive the message home stronger. This was my attempt to dissuade Precious Sparkle from touching the pavement within which the fountain in the Walled Garden is encased. I watched his every move like a Hawk, to make sure he did do my unthinkable.

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Mute Monday 20Apr15

Mute Monday

You know those photographs that make you go, ‘huh?’ …. those moments captured that weren’t your intended target … those surprising shots you get when you throw caution to the wind and snap away … those photos that leave you without much words … well, that’s what my Mute Monday is about.


I came across these rowers whilst walking by the River Thames to give Precious Sparkle the opportunity to rest and perhaps sleep. I didn’t really pay attention to them, until it occurred to me that they presented a chance for me to practise capturing movement. I had vague images of water sprays frozen in time, and beautifully captured in way I couldn’t imagine. I brought out my camera to have a go and hoped to be pleasantly surprised.

I looked up and thought, “crumbs, they’re too far away for a close-up shot with my zoom”. And so, I started running with the buggy to try to catch up with them. I ran until I kinda lost my breath and felt silly. So, I stopped and thought I’d just give it a go and see what happens.

Mute Monday

Mute Monday 20Apr15… Hummmm … is that a … is it … what?

A missed opportunity for some (in my mind) incredible shot of water splashing in mid-air; but my, I’d be scared for life if that happened to me … I don’t think I’ll row again.

So, what do you think … any words?