Breastfeeding: Top 5

B is for Breastfeeding

 There are so many motherhood topics starting with the letter, ‘B’ that I could write about; and there is so much I could particularly discuss about Breastfeeding.

You can see from my ‘a bit about me‘ page that I’m a big breastfeeding fan. I suppose my successful struggle to breastfeed (which I plan to write about soon) did this to me! 🙂 Continue reading

Ardo Calypso Breast Pump: Top 5

A is for Ardo Calypso Breast Pump

If you’ve read my ‘a bit about me’ page, you’ll know that breastfeeding is one of my mothering tools! 🙂

Breastfeeding, though natural, didn’t come naturally for me (I’ll be writing about this soon). It perplexed me and I struggled with it for many months.

One of the breastfeeding aids that helped to save my breastfeeding relationship was the Ardo Calypso Breast Pump; a very good electric Swiss made breast pump. I loaned it from one of the Children Centre’s in my area; and I used it for hours every day for over 3 months. 🙂 Continue reading