I Love you Precious Sparkle, More Than You Know

Love Notes to My Son 1

Seeing the #NATIONALILOVEYOUDAY trending on Twitter has reminded me again of my almost 2 years old desire to write my Precious Sparkle love notes, and record more of our super special no-photograph little moments. It’s like I keep waiting for the perfect time to start writing, though I know there is no time like the present. Continue reading

Breastfeeding my Baby to Sleep: Reaching Acceptance

I can’t quite remember the first time it happened, but I remember my confusion about breastfeeding my baby to sleep.

At the start, I didn’t think about breastfeeding Precious Sparkle to sleep, sleeping was just part of the feeding process. In the early months when I had the thick dark cloud of inadequate weight gain hanging heavily over me, I found this to be an unfortunate part of feeding. Continue reading