Support Kids Company’s Colour A Child’s Life Project

I stumbled on this project on one of my Facebook blogging group’s feed, thanks to Laura at LittleStuff. I was pleased to read that Kiddicare are donating toys to support the Kids Company’s  Colour A Child’s Life project for every blog post that shares the project’s information video. Continue reading

Summer 2015 Tesco Neighbourhood Food Collection #everycanhelps

I remember briefly seeing the #everycanhelps campaign last year and feeling that I really wanted to get involved. I was too late though, it was the last day of the extended collection days.

Well, guess what? I decided to go bargain hunting at Tesco yesterday evening; I haven’t done this in months. Evening bargain hunting are very tricky for me though; you see, I feed Precious Sparkle to sleep. My recent attempt was cancelled by a longer than expected feeding to sleep session. However, I was determined to go yesterday though I ended up leaving home too late.

Nevermind, I got more than I bargained for and I’m so delighted. I saw the setting up of the Tesco Neighbourhood Food Collection! This is their 6th one since November 2012/ they now do it twice a year, in the Summer and Winter.
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Frugi: Top 5

F is for Frugi

There are a few motherhood ‘Fs’ I could consider, but I’m going for Frugi, a really fabulous green and ethical clothing brand in the UK. Frugi did not ask me to write this post, they don’t even know about it (I’ll probably tell them later). So, what have they got to do with my motherhood journey? Continue reading

#ClearAPlate @ #Blogfest14

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be writing my first post, and even more because my first post is about changing things for the better. Continue reading