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Check Out This View

A Glimpse

Amazing the difference in the display of snaps on camera screens versus computer screens.

I had felt quite discouraged when I took some pictures of the Terrace Gardens; until I saw them on my computer.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 | A view of the Terrace Gardens | Adventures of a Novice Mum

My capture doesn’t do justice to the view but it’s one that brings back lovely memories.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 | Another view of the Terrace Gardens | Adventures of a Novice Mum

I have gone on walks here many times over the years, and sat down for a few hot drinks in its cute café.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 cafe

I have watched Parakeets having fun,

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 parakeetRobins enjoying themselves, and sat on the edge of my seat whilst Crows came too close for comfort.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 crowrobinI have stood in awe of the Almighty as I gazed at its many magnificent trees; and felt amazement, observing its delicate mini garden designs.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 tree

I have been part of so much laughter and refreshing at this Gardens.

If I hadn’t known me better, I will say that I would visit this place more often if I lived close by.

It is so beautiful … so exquisite … with its little hills (fab for exercising), gorgeous plants, elegant trees, cute green house, changing flower arrangements, quaint café, scurrying squirrels, chirping birds, and view of the river Thames.

I lived about 5 mins walk away many years ago, when I had more time on my hands (I didn’t realise this then).

I wish I valued it as much then …

I wish I visited it daily to take in its fresh air then …

I wish I explored it weekly to fill me with wonder then …

I wish I sat there regularly to take in its beauty then …

I wish I allowed myself to be regularly enriched by it then …

I wish ….

So sad how we don’t always see the beauty around us … how we don’t always maximise the opportunities that stare us in the face.

I hope I do better now with what I have around me, so that I don’t wish I’d done so in time to come.

Do you take full advantage of the scenery near you?

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Check out this view:

Dangling Over Water

The walk to the car after a Thai Sunday lunch …
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A rising sun in the early morn

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Check Out This View 2

Check out this view; a beautiful sky through the trees … a reason to stand and stare.

I know it happens daily, but my, what a view!

This splash of colours is breathtaking.

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