Wednesday Without Words 7 | Dad and Child Climbing Up

Wednesday Without Words: Dad and Child climbing up

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Crawling Baby Climbing Toddler

C is for Crawling Baby Climbing Toddler

There are a number of motherhood ‘C’s I could write about, but I’m going for Crawling baby Climbing toddler because of its pertinence in our lives at the moment.

Crawling Baby

‘Is s/he crawling yet’, is one of the many questions parents answer over and over again in the second half of their child’s first year. It is a key baby movement milestone that many (family, friends, and well wishers) ensure parents look out for, with their consistent enquiry about it. ūüôā

I remember listening to lots of stories about how people’s babies, nieces, or siblings crawled; imagine my surprise at learning that there are different crawling styles! Did you know babies crawl in different ways?

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