Playbrush Review – Brushing without Tantrums

Playbrush Review | Introduction

Dental health is one of the things that easily gets my attention. I am determined to give my toddler the best I can in this area; unfortunately, mine leaves much to be desired. So, when I was at the Baby and Toddler Show last month, the Playbrush’s poster at the Little Saints UK stand made me pause.


Playbrush? Brushing, and play? It seemed a bit like an oxymoron, but one I desperately wanted to consistently experience with my toddler. The demonstration was like magic, and it dared me to dream of lovely toddler brushing possibilities.

You see, I didn’t start brushing my toddler when his first tooth came out as recommended; even then, I thought we had it in the bag … that is until he became assertive about his wants and likes.

For reasons I can’t quite figure out, his dad has way more success in getting him brushing than I do. But I need to sort him out sometimes, and I’m fed up with our increasing brushing frustrations, disagreements, and tears.

So, when I stumbled on the opportunity to review the Playbrush, I was definitely game … anything to improve our brushing time is worth the try.

Playbrush review pack

Sent free of charge for my independent and honest review

Playbrush Review | Key features

The Playbrush basically turns brushing into a game, by transforming manual toothbrushes into game controllers via Bluetooth connection to designated smartphones or tablets.

How the Playbrush works

Its brushing games are free for download on iOS and Android devices:

  • Utoothia
  • Utoothia Sky
  • Utoothia Magic
  • Utoothia Paint

Playbrush iOS and Android brushing games

Users control game characters with their brushing movements, to earn rewards and get live brushing feedback and tips, over periods of 2 mins at a time. The device makes this possible by measuring brushing speed, duration, and position.


This is meant to encourage good oral hygiene to keep parents, children, teeth, and dentists happy; by promoting:

  • Longer (2 mins at a go) brushing
  • Regular (twice-a-day) brushing
  • Better and accurate brushing (all around the mouth)

It aims to transform brushing from being a battleground to an entertaining and effective activity.

It works with existing household items: 95% of manual toothbrushes, micro USB charger plug, Amazon Kindle Fire, iOS, and Android devices.

Also, it can be shared, as each game allows for multiple player profiles, and each device can accommodate up to 6.


Lastly, the games comes with cheerful tunes that can be switched off in the settings if desired.

Playbrush Review | Our experience


The device is convenient and straightforward, and the accompanying games are fun, instructional, varied, and rich.

Its indicator lights turn green when it’s on and red when it needs charging.

The smartphone holder is sturdy and easy to attach.



It’s the right size for both home use and travel.


It has a 30-days money back guarantee, a 2-years warranty, and it allows for multiple users – features of a robust product.

However, it is not waterproof; but I see it lasting for a long period of time, if used as intended.


We are using it with our toddler who is just under 3 years of age; though it’s aimed at 3 to 12 year olds. It has however been tested on younger and older children, and I reckon adults will enjoy it too.

It has transformed daddy and son brushing routine, to a family fun time – daddy supporting son to brush, mesmerised son very happy to be helped as he watches his progress on the screen, and mummy eager to read out the positive feedback and tips to commend and improve toddler’s brushing.


I tell you, I have never seen my toddler so excited about brushing, with or without toothpaste. If he had his way, we would play the games throughout the day.

So far, we’ve tried the Utoothia Sky and Paint games; the Paint one is more age appropriate for us, even though our little one is happy with either.

The Playbrush games are really interactive and engaging; some have a leaderboard for brushing performance comparison. They also give lots of choices, monitoring, and offers oodles of enjoyment, whilst promoting good dental health.


They really are a treasure trove of brushing fun … a true ‘learning through play’ device; my, I see years of brushing enjoyment ahead.

Playbrush Review | Top 5 likes

  1. Portable for home use and travel
  2. Adds fun and excitement to brushing
  3. Cost effective and good value for money
  4. Instructional and high quality games that embed good brushing habits
  5. Easy setup, use, and maintenance – really clear instruction manual, on-screen guidelines, and online information.


Playbrush Review | Overall

The Playbrush is a smart toothbrush add-on to have … a fun way to hopefully prevent future dental problems and costs, whilst helping to develop, maintain, and improve oral hygiene.

It’s use of screen time bothered me a bit; less, not more is what I want for my toddler. But my, the outcomes it offers for 4 mins a day is definitely worth it. And my concern about how to keep my excited toddler calm for bedtime, with his unfulfilled requests for another go after night-time brushing, has not been realised.

The smartphone holder has so far held up my phone, and made it easier to keep it away from splashes and falls.

I also really appreciate the intended and incidental learning opportunities that this device gives.

They come in blue and pink colours (and a green limited Christmas edition with stickers – on sale at the moment). You can buy them from Playbrush, Amazon, and selected retailers. The Playbrush webstore seems to offer the cheapest prices; its currently on sale for £19.99 (usually £26.99). You can also buy their smartphone holder, as well as quarterly or yearly (currently on sale for £8) toothbrush subscriptions.

How do you motivate your children to develop and maintain good oral hygiene?

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The True Company Mirai Toothbrush | Review and Giveaway (£195)

Mirai Toothbrush | Introduction

Keeping my teeth healthy has been one of my body-care battles for as long as I can remember, despite knowing how vital this is for my dental hygiene. So, when I came across the opportunity to review The True Company’s Mirai toothbrush, I had to check it out. It’s an electric toothbrush like no other I’ve come across so far.

Mirai Toothbrush | First Impressions

I was / am impressed with its sleek packaging … it oozes luxury. The toothbrush is not too big or too small, and it feels nice to hold. You see, it’s made of silicone and doesn’t have the hard plastic feel of other toothbrushes.

The True Company's Mirai electric toothbrush in its box

The True Company posted this to me from America, free of charge for this review; 
as usual, my opinion of the toothbrush honestly reflects my experience.

Mirai Toothbrush | Key Features

  • Gentle gum massage function
  • Elegant and functional design
  • Silicone bristles don’t retain bacteria
  • Once yearly toothbrush head replacement ($7.99 from The True Company’s customer service)
  • Built in 30 seconds pauses whilst brushing
  • All-in-one self-sanitising electric toothbrush
  • Non-porous silicone prevents bacteria build up

Mirai Toothbrush | My Experience

In the box

I opened the top quality looking and feeling box, to find the toothbrush in a transparent-ish good quality plastic sleeve, placed in a foam-like mould. Underneath this were the instruction manual, warranty card, and USB charger lead. I was pleased it didn’t have a USB plug; I’ve got enough of this around the house.

There is an authenticity card attached to the front of the box, with a serial and model number, as well as a statement to confirm the quality of the product … all very reassuring about its value.

Mirai toothbrush unboxing


As per the instruction manual, I charged it for some hours before my first use. The indicator light at the end of the brush blinks consecutively for a period of time when it needs charging. It also emits a prolonged glow when it is fully charged.

I sometimes used the unit for days after the recharge blinks stopped, without any problems.

The indicator light also comes on briefly when you press the vibration button, on and off.

The True Company's toothbrush, front and back views


The bristles are not as thin as that of your typical manual and electric brushes, and their top are not pin pointed but rectangular; making them gentler on the teeth and gum.

The Mirai toothbrush, brush head

As stated in the manual, I used it like my manual toothbrush, albeit with the vibration function. My teeth feels clean after each brushing session, and I think it’s more effective than my manual toothbrush.

I really like the fact that the vibrations pause for about a second, after every 30 seconds of brushing; making it easier to know how long you spend on each part of your teeth, and how long you brush for.

Mirai Toothbrush | Top 5 Likes

  1. Chic and functional design
  2. Adjustable vibration … for your desired intensity
  3. Inbuilt rechargeable batteries and easy to charge
  4. Gentle bristles … vital for sensitive gums like mine
  5. Lightweight: not bulky like your typical electric brush … fab for travelling

Mirai Toothbrush | Product Cost

  • £195

Mirai Toothbrush | Overall

I’m pleased with The Tru Company’s Mirai electric toothbrush. It’s lovely to have a toothbrush whose brush head only needs to be changed once a year – better for my pocket and better for the environment. Its 2 years limited warranty is reassuring, especially considering its cost. The instruction manual is straight forward and easy to understand, though I wish the print was bigger to make it easier to read.

Least I forget, yah to the fact that toothpaste doesn’t stick to the bottom of the Mirai!

Nonetheless, I must confess that I wish it was cheaper; it’s the most expensive toothbrush I’ll probably ever own. I also wish the recharge reminder light didn’t blink so much.  Even then, I can’t deny that it does a good job and I’m pleased to have it.

You can buy it online from the The True Company’s website in the UK.

Mirai Toothbrush | Giveaway

Thanks to the The True Company, one of you can win your very own Mirai toothbrush!

All you need to do is to accurately complete the following entry options on the widget below; terms and conditions apply.

Hope you found my review helpful; all the best with all your entries.

What do you like about electric toothbrushes?

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