Summer 2015 Tesco Neighbourhood Food Collection #everycanhelps

I remember briefly seeing the #everycanhelps campaign last year and feeling that I really wanted to get involved. I was too late though, it was the last day of the extended collection days.

Well, guess what? I decided to go bargain hunting at Tesco yesterday evening; I haven’t done this in months. Evening bargain hunting are very tricky for me though; you see, I feed Precious Sparkle to sleep. My recent attempt was cancelled by a longer than expected feeding to sleep session. However, I was determined to go yesterday though I ended up leaving home too late.

Nevermind, I got more than I bargained for and I’m so delighted. I saw the setting up of the Tesco Neighbourhood Food Collection! This is their 6th one since November 2012/ they now do it twice a year, in the Summer and Winter.
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