Silent Sunday 30

Silent Sunday 30

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My Sunday Photo 10

My Sunday Photo

Flying Birds and This Bird

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After my Robin captures and achievements in the last few weeks, I’m now exploring taking pictures of flying birds. I’m not into birds but I notice them more often now. This is all thanks to some of what blogging has given me: more attention to detail, increased enjoyment of photography, and more interest in taking better pictures.

As is now usual for me, I was paying a lot of attention during my walk with Precious Sparkle on Sunday. This, at one point, resulted in a run with the buggy to capture a water splash shot. I had to slow down my pace afterwards, to catch my breath.

And then we came upon some birds being fed by different people; ‘quack’ …  ‘duck’ … ‘quack’ … ‘duck’ … Precious Sparkle animatedly called out. I was pleasantly surprised and quite taken aback; he takes in so much more from our reading than it seems.

After getting my head around his excited talk, I got out the camera; different types of birds were flying and landing all over the place. Maybe … just maybe, I’ll get the detailed flying bird shot I’m after.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Flying Bird caThere was barely any time in between each shot. I kept trying; hoping that one or more of the pictures might actually be alright. And then there was this capture that took me a while to see what it was (after the experience was over); and my, what landed not too far from us …

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck c1

I’ve never seen this bird before; my lovely friend A**** researched it and told me it’s an Egyptian Geese. It is so stunning … and my, what a lady if it’s female … so graceful … so beautiful … check out the colours!

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck

It’s also one fierce bird; there is no messing about it! It sure does stand out in a lovely way.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck c2

Whist checking out my capture, I noticed some Canadian geese gliding really fast on the water. I’d never seen this happen before, and I got the camera rolling as fast as I could and just about caught one of them in action … and then another flying bird … and another. By this time, Precious Sparkle’s excited shouts of ‘quack’ and ‘duck’ had given rise to sounds filled with irritation and urgency for a different scene.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Flying Bird c2

It was definitely time to go; taking with us a new set of experiences. As for my fabulous shot of a flying bird, I’ll just have to wait until next time.


Do you have any tips for me, on how to capture detailed pictures of flying birds?

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