What I Need To Get Through Christmas

Oh my word, it’s day 11 of #12daysofparenting; can you believe that? Today’s theme is about helpful products to get through the season. Thanks for hopping from¬†Cookies and Cwtches if you did. ūüôā Our fab giveaway includes a bubba bag from Snoozeshade; entries (UK Residents Only) are via the Rafflecopter at the end of this post. See the 12 Days of Parenting page for terms and conditions.

My title should be what I WANT to get through the season; I tell you, I very much would like a number of things, but that’s another post on another day. So on to what I need to get through Christmas; not much really … I think … considering that my Christmas is a ‘non-Christmas’ anyway.

Foremost on my list is time; oh my word, I need more time. The school holiday is zooming through way too fast for my liking. Continue reading

Wednesday Without Words 10 | Father and Son in the Sunset

Wednesday Without Words 10 | Father and Son in the Sunset

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Wednesday Without Words 9 | Toddler on the Beach

Wednesday Without Words 9 | Toddler on the Beach

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Lovely Things in May

I have so many writing ideas to record snippets of my life for Precious Sparkle and I continue to work on how to do this efficiently and effectively. I have decided to join in with the monthly lovely things linky as one of the ways to structure some of my documentation of aspects of my daily life.


It’s lovely knowing God’s help through this month.

May is my most hectic month at work, with majority of the external exams I prepare students for happening within days of each other. This May is like no other May I’ve had in my working life. I am juggling being mummy to a toddler and all that comes with it, whilst preparing 4 groups of students for external exams and more for internal assessments.

So, making it through the month in one piece is really lovely!


Precious Sparkle’s growth never ceases to amaze me; and his language development has especially stopped me in my tracks many times this month. ‘When did he start saying that?’, is a reoccurring question in our home now. It blows my mind away to hear him say words that we both understand; it really is lovely to hear him communicate more and more.

Lots of fives in my birthday this year; the lovely month of May is when I particularly remember how old I am. We didn’t do anything spectacular; my lovely friend, Lottie, made sure I got many ‘happy birthday’ comments at work.

Lovely Things in May | #lovelythings | Recording snippets of my lovelies; happy points and happy moments. | http://adventuresofanovicemum.co.uk | @aNoviceMumEvery card was a pleasant surprise, I’m not one to expect people to remember my birthday or give me anything to celebrate it. I really … really like my husband’s present this year, and I will be using it more than any of the ones he has give me in the past (post to follow).

How lovely to be surrounded by so much love and people to celebrate with it.


Lovely texts to say happy birthday … phone calls to ask about my wellbeing … catching up after the service on Sunday … listening to tales about my blog after work … viewing my pictures with me … nothing spectacular but vital acts to make life more lovely. It is so lovely to have friends who care so much.


I started my #SoMeBlogLuv easy peasy linky. It hasn’t taken off like I hoped but I’ve glad to have stepped out of my blogging comfort zone in this way. I have much work ahead to cultivate it and I hope it works out.

I’m finally doing more with Instagram and the 2 daily photography challenges I participated in were so instrumental in this. I’m increasingly finding my rhythm with the kind and quality of pictures to share, their squaring when taken with my bridge camera and ¬© labelling using picmonkey. It is lovely to see some progress on my blogging road, albeit not as fast as I’d like.

It was my 6 months blogiversary this month; I still can’t believe it and I really should write about it soon.


All my external exam groups but one have now completed their exams. I really hope they do very well and that all their effort is rewarded. I must say that it is very lovely to see them through such important years in their education so far. I am looking forward to being less tense and working at a slower-ish pace for the rest of the term.

So many lovely things in May, less than I can remember, I’m sure. I think I’ll make notes as I go through June so that I can capture more loveliness.

What are some of your lovely things from May?

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Lovely Things