My Sunday Photo 22: Lessons From Older Lovely Cygnets

Stumbling / Surprise / Learning

I am so pleased to be joining in with My Sunday Photo again, after what seems like a long undesirable absence.

The other week, on my way back from my Toddler Breastfeeding Group, Precious Sparkle and I came across some Swans. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Cygnet amongst them. 🙂 This was different from the first time I saw Cygnets (on a different patch of the Thames); they were small-ish and they stayed close to their parents.  Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 21: Lesson from a Half Bloom Flower

My Sunday Photo

Lesson from a Half Bloom Flower

Looking / Finding / Trying

I’d been meaning to join in with the Daily Post Picture Challenge for a very long time and I was so pleased to finally get around to it the other week. The theme was ‘Half and Half‘, but I wasn’t sure where to start. My first attempt was with this flower in our communal garden; it was about half-opened and I thought it worked with the theme.

Little did I know that this half bloom flower wasn’t going to be the piece of cake capture that I unconsciously assumed it would be.

Continue reading

Hiccups in the Womb

H is for Hiccups in the Womb

I get hiccups, you get hiccups, we all get hiccups; what’s the big deal? There is none really. Indeed, ‘hicupps in the womb’ is the lightest of my motherhood Hs; nonetheless, an important part of my journey.

I can’t quite remember the first time it happened when I was pregnant with Precious Sparkle. I do however have memories of feeling the jerk and hearing the sounds though they were not … audible. If you’ve experienced pregnancy, you probably know what I mean. I think it happens to all pregnant women; well, I assume it does anyway.

I wasn’t prepared for them, I didn’t know they could happen; in fact I thought it strange when they did. I mean, fancy feeling a notable movement without actually feeling it. You know something moved inside of you, you know it’s from your baby … but it’s not like your baby’s typical movements from one point to another. Do you know what I mean?

And then you hear it; almost simultaneously … but this is not a sound someone near you can hear. You don’t even hear it with your ears, but you think you’ve heard it. Do you know what I mean?

It was just weird. How in the world was my unborn baby hiccuping? I thought that was reserved for people ‘on the ground’; not in the womb.

It’s worth noting that I find hiccuping in the womb easier to get my head around, than peeing in the womb. I was shocked when I learnt that babies pee in the womb, and then drink it with the amniotic fluid. Okay, I know their pee is not like an adult’s pee; but even then … man! woman!

It’s just all counterintuitive really, isn’t it? I find it to be, anyway.

My heart went out to my Precious Sparkle every time he hiccuped in the womb. I eventually got used to him doing it, but I always felt sorry for him. I used to lament about it to my husband and I couldn’t wait for it to stop every time. I knew it wasn’t harmful, but I still thought, ‘o no, poor baby’. I felt he shouldn’t have to be dealing with it so early in his life … my, before the age 0!

I suppose I don’t like hiccups and so, unconsciously assumed that it was inconveniencing him and making him uncomfortable. Added to this, I couldn’t offer water to soothe him or help rid the hiccups. Simply put, I felt powerless!

I wonder if there were some lessons beyond the hiccups … a reminder that I was entering a phase in my life when so much more will be out of my control …  a place where I have to learn acceptance and find peace with feeling powerless, whilst hoping for something better … a time when I can’t make everything better for someone I really love, and where this is okay … a  realm of even more dependence on God for so much more which is unknown.

I’m glad Precious Sparkle rarely hiccups now, but when he does I hold him and give him some water to drink. I can’t switch the hiccups off but I stand with him in it; he doesn’ t have to walk the hiccup road alone, for a while at least.


Have you given this much thought about hiccups before? How do you deal with hiccups?
How did you deal your baby’s hiccups when you were pregnant?

My April 2015 #AtoZChallenge: Considering my Motherhood journey from A – Z

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