My Sunday Photo 16

My Sunday Photo

A Geese Family

Looking / Seizing / Capturing

Thank God for the Royal Parks in the UK; what fabulous places they are. We were fortunate to be at Bushy Park last weekend for a Breastfeeding meet-up which I’ll be writing about soon; followed by a family hang out. As expected, my husband wasn’t keen on staying for the meet-up. I wonder if there are any Breastfeeding meet-ups that fully involve dads. Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 11

Thanks for all your lovely comments 2 weeks ago. I’ve had more opportunities to practise taking pictures of flying birds and I think I’m improving. Unfortunately, my post wasn’t ready on time last week, so I decided to leave it until this week.

Birds are an interesting subject for improving one’s photography skill to capture movement, aren’t they. They are so … ‘flight-y’! Not quite in the flighty sense, but in the always-on-the-move sense.

Sunday Photo 3May15 Brown Gull 2

You can not rely on them to be there the next second; like the 2 Robins I saw yesterday on my way from a walk with Precious Sparkle. There they were on the floor, not too far from us … there was one at first, quick on its feet as expected; turning here and turning there … and then the second one joined in for a little dance AND BEAK KISS! What a lovely capture that would have made.

I made a quick dash for my camera from the buggy basket but I was obviously too slow. Didn’t they realise that I wanted a quick picture? I bet they did and decided to deny me the opportunity; they literally flew away the moment I was ready for our impromptu photo shoot. What a fab ‘My Sunday Photo’ that would have made.

In its place, I’m sharing my top bird opened beak captures. I suppose like us, they open their beaks to make sounds, eat, and fight.

So, here we go:

The goose and its bread will not be parted … it’s definitely bread worth stretching that long neck for …

Sunday Photo 3May15 Geese

The black bird and its worms posing for my shoot … on my way back to work after coming home to breastfeed Precious Sparkle a few weeks ago. I didn’t know our communal front yard hid such bird goodies beneath its surface. 🙂

Sunday Photo 3May15 Black Bird

This is one happy mallard duck! His stare didn’t scare my Precious Sparkle as he enjoyed the display of feasting birds from the comfort of his pram, whilst his mum snapped away and occasional repeated what he kept saying – ‘duck’ … ‘quack’.

Sunday Photo 3May15 Duck

There is no messing about with this brown-headed gull, is there! S/he and its friends visit my school’s field at the end of every break and lunch time. They come in their numbers and variety to help out with the food leftovers. My classroom – a cabin on the field – gives me some opportunity (when I’m not teaching) to practise capturing birds flying.

Sunday Photo 3May15 Seagull

I’m not a bird person but I’ve been taken in by how beautiful a lot of birds are since blogging fired my interest in photography. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and looking through them, but not quite this way.

So, which of my birdie open beak picture is your favourite and why?

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