Tree & Work

On Sunday, I noticed this tree as I walked to our car to drop something off. There was something about it that caught my attention: its dryness, its fragile looking twigs, its funny shape, and its beauty. I noticed how much it stood out amidst the concrete structures around it and in contrast to the other green plants.

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Shared Parental Leave Top 5

Shared Parental Leave offers working biological and adoptive parents in England, Scotland, and Wales, increased work flexibility in the first year of their child’s life, from April 5 2015. Continue reading

@ NCT Shared Parental Leave Session

The NCT Shared Parental Leave Q & A session with the MP, Jo Swinson, was finally going to happen this time, no date changes! I planned to leave home for a 10.45am arrival and 11am start; unfortunately, I forgot to factor in potential traffic. Well, a lot that could go wrong surely went wrong but I am glad I kept going and even more so that I made it there; albeit 20 mins before the session ended. 🙁 Continue reading

NCT Shared Parental Leave Session

On Thursday 4 December 2014, the NCT’s London office is hosting a live Q & A session to discuss the new Shared Parental Leave legislation with Jo Swinson, a working mum, and the MP for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs. Follow the discussion on twitter with #askjo, #SharedParentalLeave and @NCTcharity. Continue reading