My 2015 Gratitude List: Wk 3

This week has been a juggling act! Childcare issues, ‘more-work-than-time-available-at-home-and-work’ issues, ‘no-time-to-write-down-my-many-thoughts’ issues; all together a lot of issues. Even then, I’m glad to have some pause time to calm down and consider my blessings through it all (even though it took me more days than expected to do this).
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My 2015 #Gratitude List Wk 2

It has not been an easy week for me at home and at work and I am struggling to remember specific things that I’m thankful for. Nonetheless, I am choosing to think back to how the week has been and take this opportunity to count my blessings, reflect on positive things from the week (though I feel quite drained), and give thanks to God for His goodness and provision.  Continue reading

My 2015 #Gratitude List Wk 1

It is very easy to count our sorrows and notice when things go wrong in our lives. Indeed, it is part of our human nature to take things for granted and pay less attention than we should to the positive things. For example, I rarely think about good health until I am unwell. Continue reading

Promoting Literacy in our Baby

We love reading and writing in our household and we are very keen to pass on our love of books to our children. Reading is such an important aid for the development and improvement of vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing; and it opens up worlds beyond one’s imagination. It has the ability to fire creativity in a way nothing else can, and it’s wonderful to be able to read and to have access to good quality reading resources. Continue reading

The Balloon Chase

It was our first birthday party      Thus began the balloon chase
Such a lovely time on Sunday         On all fours, on the floor
Balloons were part of it             Dashing here and dashing there
No more fear of them                 Seeing, feeling, tasting
Since the October Baby Show          It mustn’t escape your grip

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