My Sunday Photo 16

My Sunday Photo

A Geese Family

Looking / Seizing / Capturing

Thank God for the Royal Parks in the UK; what fabulous places they are. We were fortunate to be at Bushy Park last weekend for a Breastfeeding meet-up which I’ll be writing about soon; followed by a family hang out. As expected, my husband wasn’t keen on staying for the meet-up. I wonder if there are any Breastfeeding meet-ups that fully involve dads. Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 15

My Sunday Photo

Synchronizing Geese

Attention / Positioning / Snapping

I decided to finish my outing with Precious Sparkle a few days ago by walking along the river on our way to the car. It had been such a lovely day of mingling; first in our Mothers and Toddlers’ group, and then with two of my mummy friends and their children. Our little ones had run around so much open space to their heart’s content; playing with balls, chasing Jackdaws, eating lunch, laughing with their mamas etc. Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 14

My Sunday Photo

A Bumble Bee Flower Riding

Opportunity / Noticing / Capturing

How lovely sharing about my pooping Bee / Wasp / Fly capture last week; I still can’t get over it and what I learnt from the experience. I also remain unsure about whether it’s a Bee, wasp, or fly though different people have told me which they believe it to be.

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My Sunday Photo 13

My Sunday Photo

Pooping Bee / Wasp / Fly

Stopping / Checking / Snapping

It’s the turn of the bees this week; but a wasp won the pick. ‘What is she on about’, you might wonder. Well, I’d planned to share some of my recent bee captures with you; a change from my bird picture adventures. However, my unintended wasp shot can’t wait to be shared; it’s perhaps my most surprising picture to date.

I was walking home from work the other day, when I once again stopped at this gradually blooming rose tree in someone’s open front garden. I keep hoping those who own the garden don’t mind my regular stops to take pictures.

As I snapped away from different angles and distances, I noticed what I initially thought was a bee on one of the opening buds. I was however surprised that it was mostly still and not buzzing around. ‘Very strange’, I thought. However, I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with taking close shots of the flower and what was on it.

I really like macro photographs; they bring out so much beauty in what seems so minute. The ‘small’ becomes bigger and more noticeable in macro.

#MySundayPhoto 13 | Wasp on a rose| | @aNoviceMum

I clicked and zoomed, and clicked; until I reminded myself that I needed to get home to my lovely hubby and son. I was intrigued that the ‘bee’ hadn’t moved much; no flying at all … shocking but pleased with my captures.

I later shared the pictures with my husband on camera’s screen, and later asked him to view them with me on the computer. There it was; a round light brown dropping from the ‘bee’. I couldn’t believe it; I was so excited. It made me remember Purfylle’s #MySundayPhoto from last month, of a pooping bird in flight. ‘What a #MySundayPhoto this will make,’ I thought.

#MySundayPhoto 13 | Wasp on a rose| | @aNoviceMum

I concluded it was a wasp and not a bee, after some discussion with my hubby and google image search. I didn’t even know that wasps poop, until I saw my picture. Did you?

I saw a wasp relieving itself without knowing; I wonder if that’s why it didn’t move much whilst I was taking my pictures. 

#MySundayPhoto 13 | Wasp pooping on a rose close up | | @aNoviceMum

A life lesson in this?

The whole experience felt a bit like a metaphor.

It made me wonder how much goes on right in front of me that I don’t see, except I view it through a different spectacle.

I didn’t see the wasp in action with my eyes, I suppose I was not looking for it and perhaps it was too small for me to see. I didn’t see it through my camera’s lens though it was a close up shot; maybe because I was not expecting anything like to it to be happening. I didn’t see it until I viewed it on my desktop with its bigger screen.

What in my life right now requires a different medium through which it needs to be viewed, to really see all it is?


Is it a bee, wasp, or fly on the rose? – I’m still not sure.

A friend said it’s a fly but I don’t think so, especially when I look at the 3rd picture and compare it to another picture of a fly on a flower that I recently snapped. However, I’ve been reminded that there are different types of flies. O well, hopefully someone who definitely knows will clarify this ‘mystery’ at some point. 🙂

Have you taken any picture that turned out to have more character than you thought?

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My Sunday Photo 12

My Sunday Photo

Dripping Beaks

Snapping / Unplanned / Focused

‘Share birds or bees’, I wondered. ‘Birds’, I’ve decided to go for.

It’s incredible what you capture when you just click away, isn’t it? I’m learning that beautiful moments can be unexpectedly captured if you click that camera button without waiting too much for your perfect shot.

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My Sunday Photo 11

Thanks for all your lovely comments 2 weeks ago. I’ve had more opportunities to practise taking pictures of flying birds and I think I’m improving. Unfortunately, my post wasn’t ready on time last week, so I decided to leave it until this week.

Birds are an interesting subject for improving one’s photography skill to capture movement, aren’t they. They are so … ‘flight-y’! Not quite in the flighty sense, but in the always-on-the-move sense.

Sunday Photo 3May15 Brown Gull 2

You can not rely on them to be there the next second; like the 2 Robins I saw yesterday on my way from a walk with Precious Sparkle. There they were on the floor, not too far from us … there was one at first, quick on its feet as expected; turning here and turning there … and then the second one joined in for a little dance AND BEAK KISS! What a lovely capture that would have made.

I made a quick dash for my camera from the buggy basket but I was obviously too slow. Didn’t they realise that I wanted a quick picture? I bet they did and decided to deny me the opportunity; they literally flew away the moment I was ready for our impromptu photo shoot. What a fab ‘My Sunday Photo’ that would have made.

In its place, I’m sharing my top bird opened beak captures. I suppose like us, they open their beaks to make sounds, eat, and fight.

So, here we go:

The goose and its bread will not be parted … it’s definitely bread worth stretching that long neck for …

Sunday Photo 3May15 Geese

The black bird and its worms posing for my shoot … on my way back to work after coming home to breastfeed Precious Sparkle a few weeks ago. I didn’t know our communal front yard hid such bird goodies beneath its surface. 🙂

Sunday Photo 3May15 Black Bird

This is one happy mallard duck! His stare didn’t scare my Precious Sparkle as he enjoyed the display of feasting birds from the comfort of his pram, whilst his mum snapped away and occasional repeated what he kept saying – ‘duck’ … ‘quack’.

Sunday Photo 3May15 Duck

There is no messing about with this brown-headed gull, is there! S/he and its friends visit my school’s field at the end of every break and lunch time. They come in their numbers and variety to help out with the food leftovers. My classroom – a cabin on the field – gives me some opportunity (when I’m not teaching) to practise capturing birds flying.

Sunday Photo 3May15 Seagull

I’m not a bird person but I’ve been taken in by how beautiful a lot of birds are since blogging fired my interest in photography. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and looking through them, but not quite this way.

So, which of my birdie open beak picture is your favourite and why?

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My Sunday Photo 10

My Sunday Photo

Flying Birds and This Bird

Exploring / Experimenting / Discovering

After my Robin captures and achievements in the last few weeks, I’m now exploring taking pictures of flying birds. I’m not into birds but I notice them more often now. This is all thanks to some of what blogging has given me: more attention to detail, increased enjoyment of photography, and more interest in taking better pictures.

As is now usual for me, I was paying a lot of attention during my walk with Precious Sparkle on Sunday. This, at one point, resulted in a run with the buggy to capture a water splash shot. I had to slow down my pace afterwards, to catch my breath.

And then we came upon some birds being fed by different people; ‘quack’ …  ‘duck’ … ‘quack’ … ‘duck’ … Precious Sparkle animatedly called out. I was pleasantly surprised and quite taken aback; he takes in so much more from our reading than it seems.

After getting my head around his excited talk, I got out the camera; different types of birds were flying and landing all over the place. Maybe … just maybe, I’ll get the detailed flying bird shot I’m after.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Flying Bird caThere was barely any time in between each shot. I kept trying; hoping that one or more of the pictures might actually be alright. And then there was this capture that took me a while to see what it was (after the experience was over); and my, what landed not too far from us …

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck c1

I’ve never seen this bird before; my lovely friend A**** researched it and told me it’s an Egyptian Geese. It is so stunning … and my, what a lady if it’s female … so graceful … so beautiful … check out the colours!

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck

It’s also one fierce bird; there is no messing about it! It sure does stand out in a lovely way.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Duck c2

Whist checking out my capture, I noticed some Canadian geese gliding really fast on the water. I’d never seen this happen before, and I got the camera rolling as fast as I could and just about caught one of them in action … and then another flying bird … and another. By this time, Precious Sparkle’s excited shouts of ‘quack’ and ‘duck’ had given rise to sounds filled with irritation and urgency for a different scene.

Sunday Photo 26Apr15 Flying Bird c2

It was definitely time to go; taking with us a new set of experiences. As for my fabulous shot of a flying bird, I’ll just have to wait until next time.


Do you have any tips for me, on how to capture detailed pictures of flying birds?

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My Sunday Photo 9

My Sunday Photo

Robin Opportunity

Notice / Stop / Capture

Thanks for your help last week; whilst it was nice to see my lighter and clearer Robin shot, I grew to really appreciate my original silhouette pictures of the Robin. I captured a Robin on camera; what an achievement for an amateur photographer … especially considering how quick they are on their feet. Bring on the next photography challenge … whatever it may be. 🙂

Well, you’ll never believe what happened on Friday evening. After much dilly-dallying about what to eat for dinner, I left the house to pick up the Chinese takeaway we had ordered. I took the camera with me just in case … but I promised my husband that I won’t spend loads of time taking pictures of things that catch my eye.

I was still in our compound when I heard the familiar sounds; I stopped and looked around to see where it was coming from. O my word, a Robin on a tree, another hopping from one branch to another!

I quickly switched on my camera and changed its mode to ‘sport’; the ‘macro’ and ‘colour’ features were already set. I pointed it upwards and scanned the tree to see where to focus. The hopping Robin was gone but the one on a branch was still there. I zoomed to get it … ‘click’. No time to check my picture, the Robin was on the move … another ‘click’ as soon as the camera was ready again.

Robin on the move |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumThen the Robin rested on a nearby beam, I knew I had to be really fast. I quickly adjusted my zoom, trying desperately to focus well … ‘click’, ‘click’.

Robin on the beam |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumAnother ‘click’ … THE CLICK … I didn’t of course know this then.

Robin on the beam |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumOff again the Robin went … back to the tree … ‘click’ … another ‘click’ as it seemed to take flight, but I or/and my camera weren’t quick enough … another time perhaps. 🙂

Robin on the move 2 |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumI tried to see where it went, but a cat came running for another bird and I knew the Robin was definitely gone.

As you can imagine, I quickly checked my shots and they looked alright, especially the ones on the beam. I curbed my excitement though; I couldn’t be sure of their quality until I saw them on the computer screen.

I continued my journey, stopping a few times to take pictures of flowers whilst remembering I needed to be home soon. The wind was helpful in keeping me moving; the flowers were not still enough you see. Thus, making it that much easier to keep my promise of getting home soon.

I couldn’t wait to show my husband my Robin captures when I got home, before proceeding to the computer to check their quality. I was disappointed that they were not all as good as I thought and hoped. But my, the 5th picture … I was and still am so delighted about it.

There was no further question about My Sunday Photo this week, I knew what it had to be. 🙂

The whole experience turned my mind towards opportunities in life. I tend to compare them to birds and my Robin pictures capture it well. I’ll leave my reflections for another post, to avoid this one from being too long.


Do you have instances like this, when lovely moments present themselves to you? / What is one of your best photography experience?

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My Sunday Photo 12Apr15

My Sunday Photo

Catching a Robin

Observe / Pause / Snap

I’m moving away from sharing flowers this week but I need your help.

The inside story

Whilst on a walk during the week with Precious Sparkle, we passed through a beautiful alley way. I heard some sounds and quick movements in the trees above that made me stop. ‘Hmm … Robins’, I wondered; I wasn’t disappointed when I looked up.

Perched Robin 1 |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #My Sunday Photo | @aNoviceMumI quickly moved the buggy out of the way, secured it, and brought out my bridge camera. I knew I had to be quick because Robins are always on the move. I tried to find one to focus on but none stayed still long enough. And then, I saw this one perched on a branch … ‘quick’, I thought. I focused, zoomed, focused again, and snapped … and again … and again … and then it flew away.

Perched Robin 2 |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #My Sunday Photo | @aNoviceMumAn elderly lady passed by at this point and I wondered if she thought it strange to see a lady with a buggy, looking up with a big camera and taking pictures. I felt a need to explain myself, albeit briefly because I wanted to take more pictures.

“Oh, those Robins”, I said, they’re so quick on their feet, aren’t they? I’m trying to get a good picture of them; look at what I’ve got so far”, I continued. ‘They look alright”, or something to that effect, she responded and walked on.

Perched Robin 3 |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumI looked for another ‘still’ Robin but there was none 🙁 ; more folks passed by and I thought I better move on. I suppose I didn’t want anyone to think I was strange. 🙂 In any case, Precious Sparkle had, had enough of his snapping mother; he needed a different scene.

I enjoyed the rest of the walk, took more pictures, and looked forward to seeing them properly on the computer screen at home.

My Robin pictures … I like them, but …. the light didn’t seem to work for me … or did it?. Perhaps, the Robins would have been more visible if I had stood at a different angle … I’ll never know now … oh well.

Perched Robin Collage |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumI’m not one for really editing the details in my pictures; I’m just never sure where to start from. However, I decided to play about with the exposure of this set on Picmonkey … to perhaps improve them.


What do you think of my original captures? Which do you prefer?

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My Sunday Photo 05Apr15

My Sunday Photo

A flower in a house

Noticing / Capturing / Moving

Last week, I noted the photographic inspiration that I derive from people’s front gardens; what about people’s houses! I was at a very dear friend’s some days ago, and as is usual for me these days, I had my camera with me. ‘Hmmmmmm’, did I hear you say? 🙂 Well, this blogger keeps one of her blogging aids quite close; she never knows when it might come in handy. 😉

Precious Sparkle and I were on our way back from our monthly extended breastfeeding group, 🙂 with a parking fine in tow (another tale to tell) :-(. It’s not uncommon that I’ll check with my lovely friend if I could stop by hers on my way home. She graciously agreed to see us though I only called to ask if we could visit whilst parked less than 1 minute from their driveway. 🙂 We love hanging out with their family, and definitely in their home. Her homemaking skills reminds me of what I’ll like mine to be someday. 🙂

As usual, we sat down and started catching up in her beautiful sitting room; and then I saw this by a window!

Sunday Photoo 05Ap15‘O my word, what a beauty’, I thought. The camera had to come out! If you’ve seen my previous ‘My Sunday Photo‘ posts, you know that I enjoy taking and sharing pictures of flowers. 🙂

Multitasking is one of the accepted features of parenting, and it came in very handy in this situation. In addition, the timing was just right; the conversation between my friend and I was gradually slowing down. You see, she focused more and more on Precious Sparkle as we shared our news. So, I stood up, unzipped the bag where I keep my camera (until I get a proper camera case), and started my picture-taking process.

I of course was still involved in our time together, and our conversation continued; albeit, with more quiet moments in between. As usual, I experimented with different tones for similar shots.

Sunday Photo 05Ap15c

I found its position, background, colour contrast, and detail intriguing. So, I tried to capture as much of it from different angles and distance, as quickly possible. Afterall, I came to spend time with my friend and her husband, not to take pictures. 🙂 And my fast-moving Precious Sparkle needed my FULL attention!

Sunday Photo 05Ap15d

One usually knows when it’s time to put the camera down and move on, and thankfully I did. We moved from their sitting room to their kitchen space, then to their garden and back; making lovely memories all the way. A lot of laughing, more talking, a few more pictures; and it was time to go home!


Do you find photographic inspiration in people’s houses? Do you end up taking different shots of the same object too? What do you think of my pictures? 🙂

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