5 ‘Compassion’ Encounters of a Breastfeeding Mum #1000Speak

Following on from my previous post about the compassion shown by 5 groups of people, to me as a first-time mum, I’d particularly like to acknowledge the following for their significant contribution to my breastfeeding journey, and that of countless women.

Their compassion to families, particularly mothers, is astounding.

They’ve deeply felt the heart of mothers, so much so that they reach out and help to make their journeys that much easier. Continue reading

Shared Parental Leave Top 5

Shared Parental Leave offers working biological and adoptive parents in England, Scotland, and Wales, increased work flexibility in the first year of their child’s life, from April 5 2015. Continue reading

@ NCT Shared Parental Leave Session

The NCT Shared Parental Leave Q & A session with the MP, Jo Swinson, was finally going to happen this time, no date changes! I planned to leave home for a 10.45am arrival and 11am start; unfortunately, I forgot to factor in potential traffic. Well, a lot that could go wrong surely went wrong but I am glad I kept going and even more so that I made it there; albeit 20 mins before the session ended. 🙁 Continue reading

NCT Shared Parental Leave Session

On Thursday 4 December 2014, the NCT’s London office is hosting a live Q & A session to discuss the new Shared Parental Leave legislation with Jo Swinson, a working mum, and the MP for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs. Follow the discussion on twitter with #askjo, #SharedParentalLeave and @NCTcharity. Continue reading