My Sunday Photo 9

My Sunday Photo

Robin Opportunity

Notice / Stop / Capture

Thanks for your help last week; whilst it was nice to see my lighter and clearer Robin shot, I grew to really appreciate my original silhouette pictures of the Robin. I captured a Robin on camera; what an achievement for an amateur photographer … especially considering how quick they are on their feet. Bring on the next photography challenge … whatever it may be. 🙂

Well, you’ll never believe what happened on Friday evening. After much dilly-dallying about what to eat for dinner, I left the house to pick up the Chinese takeaway we had ordered. I took the camera with me just in case … but I promised my husband that I won’t spend loads of time taking pictures of things that catch my eye.

I was still in our compound when I heard the familiar sounds; I stopped and looked around to see where it was coming from. O my word, a Robin on a tree, another hopping from one branch to another!

I quickly switched on my camera and changed its mode to ‘sport’; the ‘macro’ and ‘colour’ features were already set. I pointed it upwards and scanned the tree to see where to focus. The hopping Robin was gone but the one on a branch was still there. I zoomed to get it … ‘click’. No time to check my picture, the Robin was on the move … another ‘click’ as soon as the camera was ready again.

Robin on the move |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumThen the Robin rested on a nearby beam, I knew I had to be really fast. I quickly adjusted my zoom, trying desperately to focus well … ‘click’, ‘click’.

Robin on the beam |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumAnother ‘click’ … THE CLICK … I didn’t of course know this then.

Robin on the beam |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumOff again the Robin went … back to the tree … ‘click’ … another ‘click’ as it seemed to take flight, but I or/and my camera weren’t quick enough … another time perhaps. 🙂

Robin on the move 2 |Adventures of a Novice Mum | #MySundayPhoto | @aNoviceMumI tried to see where it went, but a cat came running for another bird and I knew the Robin was definitely gone.

As you can imagine, I quickly checked my shots and they looked alright, especially the ones on the beam. I curbed my excitement though; I couldn’t be sure of their quality until I saw them on the computer screen.

I continued my journey, stopping a few times to take pictures of flowers whilst remembering I needed to be home soon. The wind was helpful in keeping me moving; the flowers were not still enough you see. Thus, making it that much easier to keep my promise of getting home soon.

I couldn’t wait to show my husband my Robin captures when I got home, before proceeding to the computer to check their quality. I was disappointed that they were not all as good as I thought and hoped. But my, the 5th picture … I was and still am so delighted about it.

There was no further question about My Sunday Photo this week, I knew what it had to be. 🙂

The whole experience turned my mind towards opportunities in life. I tend to compare them to birds and my Robin pictures capture it well. I’ll leave my reflections for another post, to avoid this one from being too long.


Do you have instances like this, when lovely moments present themselves to you? / What is one of your best photography experience?

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Check Out This View 5

Check Out This View

A Glimpse

Amazing the difference in the display of snaps on camera screens versus computer screens.

I had felt quite discouraged when I took some pictures of the Terrace Gardens; until I saw them on my computer.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 | A view of the Terrace Gardens | Adventures of a Novice Mum

My capture doesn’t do justice to the view but it’s one that brings back lovely memories.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 | Another view of the Terrace Gardens | Adventures of a Novice Mum

I have gone on walks here many times over the years, and sat down for a few hot drinks in its cute café.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 cafe

I have watched Parakeets having fun,

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 parakeetRobins enjoying themselves, and sat on the edge of my seat whilst Crows came too close for comfort.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 crowrobinI have stood in awe of the Almighty as I gazed at its many magnificent trees; and felt amazement, observing its delicate mini garden designs.

CheckOutThisView 21Mar15 tree

I have been part of so much laughter and refreshing at this Gardens.

If I hadn’t known me better, I will say that I would visit this place more often if I lived close by.

It is so beautiful … so exquisite … with its little hills (fab for exercising), gorgeous plants, elegant trees, cute green house, changing flower arrangements, quaint café, scurrying squirrels, chirping birds, and view of the river Thames.

I lived about 5 mins walk away many years ago, when I had more time on my hands (I didn’t realise this then).

I wish I valued it as much then …

I wish I visited it daily to take in its fresh air then …

I wish I explored it weekly to fill me with wonder then …

I wish I sat there regularly to take in its beauty then …

I wish I allowed myself to be regularly enriched by it then …

I wish ….

So sad how we don’t always see the beauty around us … how we don’t always maximise the opportunities that stare us in the face.

I hope I do better now with what I have around me, so that I don’t wish I’d done so in time to come.

Do you take full advantage of the scenery near you?

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