My parenting expectations vs reality at Christmas

I can’t believe it’s day 10 of #12daysofparenting; today’s theme is about parenting expectations vs reality at Christmas time. Thanks for hopping from The Mummy Balance if you did. 🙂 Our fab giveaway includes a bubba bag from Gumigem; entries (UK Residents Only) are via the Rafflecopter at the end of this post. See the 12 Days of Parenting page for terms and conditions.

If you’ve been following my #12daysofparenting post, you’ll know that my take on the themes have not been quite as straightforward and I’ve ended up writing longer than I usually do.

Well, I’m hoping to directly engage with today’s theme about parenting expectations vs reality at Christmas and hopefully not write too long. 🙂

So, on my 2nd ‘non-Christmas’ Christmas as a mum, how does my parenting expectations compare to my parenting reality? …. sigh … hmmmmmmmm … Continue reading

I’m a Mum, Get Me Out of Here! Quick…

“I just fed you”, I dramatically said, as my little man tried to get at my food. I was so pleased he ate all I gave him earlier; I thought he was full up and I could just relax and have my dinner by myself. In exasperation and to my mother’s amusement, I heard myself say, Continue reading

The Un-signposted Quagmire of the Parenting Choices Supermarket

My word, no one tells you about all the different choices you have to make when you become a parent. You get comments about how simultaneously lovely and hard it is. But this is usually about labour pains and baby care.

As a woman who changed her mind about becoming a mother as often as she changed her clothes, what it might REALLY mean to be a parent didn’t even enter my horizon. My parenting experience was limited to distant observations of family and friends, and guesses about how some of my students might have been parented. I imagined how lovely my children will be without considering how this would happen. Continue reading