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Wednesday Without Words

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Breastfeeding in a Park

Scrolling through my tablet to choose my May 6 ‘smile’ picture for Britmums’ ‘#snaphappybritmums a photo a day on Instagram’, I stumbled upon some pictures I took a while ago. These are rare pictures for me; I don’t really do selfies. The ‘smile’ picture I chose really made me smile; on my face and in my heart. 🙂

It took me back to the first time I allowed my son to roam around in a park. I got him out of the buggy and let him ‘go’. He went alright … slowly at first, taking in the expanse before him … then fast, faster, and even more.

As expected, he needed a breastfeeding break after a while. There were a few people around and I wasn’t sure what to do.

After some hesitation, I decided to sit on one end of the bench nearest to us. I put Precious Sparkle on my knees and we discreetly (thanks to my Frugi breastfeeding dress and Primark comfy overall) latched. I hoped the woman on the other end of the bench didn’t mind but I refused to worry about it. I must say I was relieved to find out she was also a mum; her children ran to her soon after we sat down.

Precious Sparkle fed to his heart’s content; moving his hands here and there … patting my chest, touching my nose, occasionally tugging at my dress etc. He even shuffled a few times on my knees; his legs seemed to have a mind of their own. I had to keep him close and hold on to the top of my dress some of the time, to avoid unwanted exposure.

We blissfully gazed at each other a few times, sending vibes of sweetness and love beyond words to our hearts; oblivious to the world around us. Noticing some passersby and the pigeons around reminded me about where we were; and after a while Precious Sparkle was ready to play again.

Why Smile?

I smiled then and I’m smiling in my heart now for many reasons. We’ve now been breastfeeding for over 14 months and I sometimes pinch myself. Even as I write now, emotions swell through my being … ‘WE MADE IT’, I feel like shouting from the rooftop; ‘WE ARE ACTUALLY MAKING IT, ALRIGHT’! If you know my breastfeeding journey, you’ll understand; and one day soon, I’ll write about it. I of course have so many people to thank for helping us MAKE IT this far.

I smile because if you told me over a year ago that we’ll still be going strong in our breastfeeding relationship, I wouldn’t have believed you. I smile because I refused to give up trying despite family, friends, and medical professionals telling me it’s okay to stop in those early months of Precious Sparkle’s life. I smile because I chose not to moderate my breastfeeding expectations despite all the reasons to. I smile because I chose to continue pressing towards my breastfeeding goal though it didn’t seem achievable for many months. I smile because of answered prayers. I smile because I feel privileged to still be breastfeeding. I smile because WE MADE IT.


I’ve come a long way when it comes to nursing in public (NIP); I am more confident about it being okay. I don’t have to apologise to anyone about meeting my child’s needs, I don’t have to let my baby cry whilst trying to find a secluded (and usually uncomfortable place) to fill his tummy. If my child is hungry, I can feed him with the food I’ve got … my mummy’s milk is available on demand and that’s fantastic. Breastfeeding in a park is as normal as eating in a park; because it is eating in a park.

What do you think about breastfeeding in public?

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Project 365: Week 17

I’m so delighted to finally join in with project 365, a lovely blog photography challenge. It has already helped me to devise a better storing system for my photographs, and challenged me to choose only one picture from each day to share.

So here it is … a snapshot of my week … with my hubby and little man … from work and my interests … capturing small moments of our lives lived … a measure of the memories we created together in the week gone by …

Project 365 Week 17


A capture of my Precious Sparkle trying to dip his breadstick into raisins after our first purchase of them at Boots. I’ve seem so many mums with these boxes and I’ve wanted my little man to try it for a while. He made me laugh; he dips his breadsticks into so many things. He has been doing this since he saw me using yoghurt as a breadstick dip. I’m intrigued by how much he takes on board from us … what a responsibility to take care to set good examples for him.



Precious Sparkle briefly playing with his dad in the evening before bed. I need to sort out his hair again; it gets so untidy quickly.



My mobile phone had Precious Sparkle’s full attention for a while, in the evening after work. He seems quite intrigued with our phones, he is always eager to handle them and put them near his ears like we sometimes do. I wonder how long this will last for. 🙂


An early morning capture in the room with Precious Sparkle; it has set me on a course of capturing shadows. Shadows can be so interesting.



Another shadow capture … I’d noticed my reflection on the interactive whiteboard whilst teaching my last lesson of the day … I’d brought my camera back with me when I went home to feed Precious Sparkle during lunch … So I got my it, experimented with different poses, and snapped away. 🙂



One of my morning snaps of my husband copying Precious Sparkle’s movements whilst giving him the opportunity to feed himself some ‘breakfast’ (after lots of mummy’s milk through the night and in the morning) 🙂 It’s not the clearest picture but it’s a light and playful moment I’d like to remember.



What a lovely day of chilled out family time, mingled with some marking (:-(). I love taking pictures of Precious Sparkle with his daddy, I just think they look so good together. This is a snap from our walk to the park. 25Apr15SaWow, I’ve just completed my first project 365 post; I hope it’s the first of many for the rest of the year.

Which is your favourite picture in this post and why?

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