Tomy’s Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Review and Giveaway

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Introduction

I didn’t grow up with pets and I’m not keen on the responsibilities involved in owning one. However, I cultivate a love of the natural world in my toddler, and I encourage him to engage with animals when we have the opportunity, and within a safe environment.

So, when I was asked to review the Push Me, Pull Me Puppy, I was totally up for it.
Tomy Push Me, Pull Me Puppy inside its packaging

This is the closest thing to a real dog my toddler would ever have in our home. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect too, as he started going to our childminder who has a dog

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | First Impressions

I was very excited to receive this toy puppy, and we weren’t disappointed … my son was ecstatic!

We tore through the thick transparent wrapping around the box, and cut the cords holding its pieces firmly in place.

Everything else was already assembled, except the top half of the lead that we had to key in. The colours are bright, warm, and attractive for toddlers – and the puppy’s eyes are so cute and inviting.

Tomy's Push Me, Pull Me Puppy - doe eyes with bone | @aNoviceMum Reviews

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Key Features

  • Dog bone
  • Water bowl
  • Moving legs
  • Wagging tail
  • Movable ears
  • Doe-eyed puppy
  • Removable lead
  • Music on and off button
  • Moving head with the leash
  • Music plays when walking Puppy
  • Puppy barks and pants when its nose is pressed

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Our Experience


It is constructed to maximise toddler engagement, and it supports the ongoing development of their cognition and coordination. Its colours are attractive and inviting, it’s smooth to touch and stroke, and just really nice to look at. All these makes it a good stimulus for imaginative conversations and interactions, as well as a fab reference for discussions about caring for animals.

The curved hoop at the top of the leash helps my toddler to securely hold it when he walks the puppy. He continues to improve on how to manoeuvre it to turn the puppy’s head, and master how to control it to push or pull the puppy, depending on whether he is standing in front of the puppy or behind it.

He also sometimes ties his dad’s belt through the hoop to extend the lead – I wouldn’t have thought of that. 🙂

Tomy's Push Me, Pull Me Puppy - lead hoop | @aNoviceMum Reviews


It’s not too small or too big; its size makes it realistic enough as a puppy that can be walked and indeed engaged with.


I also like that the fact that it is not flimsy; I’ve accidentally dropped it on the floor a few times whilst tidying up, without any breakage. Its smooth plastic body makes for easy cleaning if needed; we haven’t had to clean ours yet despite lots of toddler handling.


My toddler gave his Push Me, Pull Me Puppy a name on the day he received it – Dog Show. You see, we attended a dog show whilst on holiday in the Summer and we suspect this inspired his chosen name for his toy puppy.

He enjoys walking Dog Show at different points in the day, and he sometimes walks him really fast. This makes for louder noise than we would like, when on our tiled floor. However, I think (unlike his dad) that the noise is bearable, especially as we see his obvious enjoyment of the toy.

The puppy’s walking music – a short upbeat tune mixed with a puppy barking and panting – is repetitive, but not annoying. My toddler switches it on and off at the base of the puppy, as he wishes.

We discovered early on that pressing the puppy’s nose results in hearing the puppy panting or barking – good fun for any toddler.

I use the open box the toy came in as a kind of dog cage, to store it and its accessories when not in use.

I also like the fact that its ears and tail are made of a rubbery material, for a softer feel.


Engaging with this puppy toy is so easy and comes so naturally. My toddler talks to it, strokes it, and we have conversations about him and his ‘puppy’ with reference to his interaction with our childminder’s dog. We’ve found it to be both a fun and educational tool that promotes learning through play.

It has definitely given us lots of opportunities to encourage positive behaviour towards dogs specifically and animals in general.

This is one toy I wish my son had from when he was one;  and one I see him enjoying for a while to come.

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Top 5 Likes

  1. Portable
  2. Fun and functional
  3. Sturdy and long-lasting
  4. Excellent introduction to pet ownership
  5. Imaginative, interactive and educational

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Product Information

  • 12m+
  • 001 kg
  • 60 x 8.66 x 9.45 inches

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Overall

Reviewing this toy has been enjoyable for us; it’s given us a ‘pet dog’ without the accompanying responsibilities – no dog hairs to deal with, no insurance or vet visits, no outdoor dog walking, no dog sitting plans if we’re away for long etc. Yet, it is a good introduction to pets for our toddler, and it has inspired so many lovely conversations and moments.


I sighed when I first realised it was another battery operated toy, but I’m pleased that the batteries last long. We’ve been using ours for over a month and the batteries are still going strong.

The Push Me, Pull Me Puppy is a toy that will be enjoyed for a very long time in our home; definitely good value for money.

It’s available on Amazon and other retailers for around £20 to £30; though currently on sale at Amazon for less.

Push Me, Pull Me Puppy | Giveaway

As usual on my blog, you can win this fabulous toy – thanks to Tomy – by accurately completing the options on the widget below.

All the best with your entries, and I hope you found my review helpful.

What do you like most about the Push Me, Pull Me Puppy and who would you like to one for?

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Caption My Capture 1: @ the bottom of the slide

I never knew it was possible to have so many, ‘I wonder what he is thinking’ moments, until I became a mother. I have never felt that much interest and known such extent of intrigue, watching another person running around or being still, until I gave birth. These moments are so special and my days are filled them.

‘Caption My Capture’ is my little attempt to explore what goes on in Precious Sparkle’s head, as he decides what to do and lives his life before my eyes. I know I’ll never know what his unspoken thoughts are, and those thoughts he express in ways I don’t understand. Even then, it’s fun wondering what he is thinking, and I thought it would be interesting to read what you think he might be thinking too. 🙂

So on Saturdays, I’m aiming to share a picture of my little man in action, for you to caption. I can’t wait to read what you think, he is thinking in the captured moments I hope to share.

1. PS bottom slide I took this picture earlier in the month at our local playground. As usual, it was such fun watching him having fun. My focus was largely on his safety as he ran here and there.

However, I occasionally wondered how he decided which equipment caught his fancy, and how long to stay on one before moving on to another. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to stay on the swing longer than he did, though he had shown interest in it.

I was baffled about why he ran moved away from the roundabout many times, only to come back to it again and again.

The slide didn’t get his attention until another toddler showed interest in it, and then it was up and down, and up and down, on and on for ages. I took the picture above during this time.

So, what was he thinking at the bottom of the slide when I took this picture. Here is my caption:

‘O my word, what fun; I’ve got to go slide down again!’

So, what’s your caption of my capture? What do you think he was thinking in that moment?

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