Living Arrow ’15 28/52

My Precious Sparkle
Usually on the move
Rarely sitting still
Waiting for life to happen
Sees opportunities to learn, play and grow Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 19

My Sunday Photo

A Little Colourful Bird

Stumble / Ready / Snap

We were on our way back home from signing up for Precious Sparkle’s swimming lessons, when a nature model presented itself to be photographed. My oh my, my second photography treat of the day … as if my lovely Black Bird capture on the way to the leisure centre wasn’t enough … what a blessing!

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My Sunday Photo 18

My Sunday Photo

A Black Bird Find

Prepare / Plan / Ready

I finally put the gear into motion for Precious Sparkle’s swimming lesson this week. It has taken me over 16 months to get to this point for a variety of reasons.

After much dilly dallying on Monday, I popped out of the house with Precious Sparkle on my back and my camera on my shoulder. It’s only about 5 mins walk to the pool but I’ve learnt that I never know when my camera would come in handy. Continue reading

Living Arrows ’15 25/52

My Precious Sparkle
‘My’ living arrow
The first fruit of my womb
Always on the move
Bending, Standing, Jumping, Sitting, Lying
Never a dull moment
Turning mundane outings into such fun
Making walks so memorable
Filling my life with so much laughter

Here is one of my many captures of you this week.

Living Arrows | #LivingArrows 25/52 | Precious Sparkle playing on the floor June 19 | | @aNoviceMum

This one is from the 37 pictures I took and kept of you (I deleted those that weren’t very clear) on Friday 19 Jun.

We hadn’t gone out all day and I decided to take you to the communal space for fresh air, surrounded by daylight. I thought it would be a good fun for you before bedtime.

As usual, you enjoyed it; you made toys out of the fallen grass leaves to play with, as you have done for a while now. You marched up and down … you stopped and stared … you stooped and stood … you sauntered and hurried … you walked on the grass, gravels, and slabs.

Thankfully, you indicated when you had enough, with an unspoken request to be carried. Otherwise, you might have protested leaving the grounds, with a cry and struggle as you sometimes do. 🙂

You however didn’t want to go into the house when we got to our front door; you wanted to stay on the balcony and play and play. I indulged you for a while, and then tried to coax you into the house. You eventually came in and I can’t remember what happened next.

Living Arrows | #LivingArrows 25/52 | Blog Graphic | | @aNoviceMumInspired by the Living Arrows Project
Mindfully expressing my gratitude for the first fruit of my womb
Reflecting on my precious gift from God, with one picture of him a week

I’ve been meaning to consistently join in with this photography project for some months now; I joined in a for a bit many months ago. However, I struggled to keep up with it; partly, because of my issue with showing full pictures of your face on my blog. I will write about my struggle with this later.

The more I grow in my photography though, the more I see that I take meaningful pictures of you that I feel comfortable sharing on my blog. So here I am; trying to capture snippets of my thoughts and life before and with you, for you if and when you want to know.

I’m participating in the project because it helps me to be more mindful about how precious you are to me, and how grateful I am to God for you in our lives. It helps me to value our time together more. 

As I have time and sort through my thousands of pictures, I will post in arrears.

Precious Sparkle, these are clips from the days of our lives; how so blessed we are to have each other – you, your dad, and I – and all the Lord has put in our lives.

Black and White 3

The Black and White Photography Project: My Toddler by a Fountain with Dirty Water

‘Dirty’, ‘dirty’, ‘dirty’; I said in increasing harsher tones. I suppose I hoped my repetition and tone will somehow drive the message home stronger. This was my attempt to dissuade Precious Sparkle from touching the pavement within which the fountain in the Walled Garden is encased. I watched his every move like a Hawk, to make sure he did do my unthinkable.

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My Sunday Photo 17

My Sunday Photo

A Swan Family

Stumbling / Surprise / Clicking

Key Moment

O my word, ‘is that what I think it is?’, I babbled in my head to Precious Sparkle … as though he could telepathically see the words that simultaneously tumbled through my mind. I quickly pushed Precious Sparkle’s buggy closer to the moving scene, as I have done many times in recent months, whilst trying to get my camera ready-ish at the same time. Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 16

My Sunday Photo

A Geese Family

Looking / Seizing / Capturing

Thank God for the Royal Parks in the UK; what fabulous places they are. We were fortunate to be at Bushy Park last weekend for a Breastfeeding meet-up which I’ll be writing about soon; followed by a family hang out. As expected, my husband wasn’t keen on staying for the meet-up. I wonder if there are any Breastfeeding meet-ups that fully involve dads. Continue reading

Wednesday Without Words 6

Wednesday Without Words

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Bobux Xplorer Shoes: Top 5

Bobux Xplorer Review

I was massively thrilled way back at the end of last year when I received a reply to my tweet to try out the Bobux Xplorer range.  Precious Sparkle had recently started walking and I wasn’t sure about the shoes to get for him. It is very important to me that his feet has room to grow, but I also want to make sure they’re protected when we are out and about. So this was a fab opportunity for me, a first time mum muddling through motherhood.

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My Sunday Photo 15

My Sunday Photo

Synchronizing Geese

Attention / Positioning / Snapping

I decided to finish my outing with Precious Sparkle a few days ago by walking along the river on our way to the car. It had been such a lovely day of mingling; first in our Mothers and Toddlers’ group, and then with two of my mummy friends and their children. Our little ones had run around so much open space to their heart’s content; playing with balls, chasing Jackdaws, eating lunch, laughing with their mamas etc. Continue reading