My Sunday Photo 23: The Squirreling Squirrel

Quick / Snap / Go

Thanks to everyone who dropped by last week to check out my captured lovely older Cygnets, it meant a lot to me. I continue to adjust to the current waves in my life and find my blogging feet again.

I’m sharing a lovely quiet moment that I had with this squirreling squirrel just before the May half-term school holiday, when my work life took an unexpected but unsurprising turn. I was on my way home, carrying my work stuff, with my camera bag dangling from my shoulder when the scene started unfolding.

I had just walked past my head teacher’s office when I noticed my furry ‘friend’ nearby. As I have now down eons of times, I quickly got the camera out of its bag, positioned it, found my focus, and snapped away.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel s

I must say Squirrels, like many other animals are fun to watch but I’d prefer to do this from a distance. One of the fab things about my camera is its 30x zoom; it allows me to get close to my subject even when I’m far from it. 🙂

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel z

It’s nearest ear looks like a raised tiny hand. I suppose it’s seen some nibbling 🙁

I’m not a fan of Squirrels but I find them fascinating. They are so quick on their feet and I keep trying to capture them in action.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel c

I mean, they are here … there … everywhere and nowhere, before you know it. You can get dizzy and tired just by watching them, as they criss-cross all over the place.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel 2

Squirrels are so small and cute; and way too friendly for my liking a lot of times (in public spaces in England). My word, they can run super fast and climb to the top of a tree in the blink of an eye.

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel r

Even then, they have split second moments, when they stay still … really still enough to watch you whilst you watch them … and perhaps capture them on your camera if you so desire, like I did. 🙂

MSP 23 Squirreling Squirrel l

Are you a Squirrel fan?

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