How to Make a Tree of Life Breastfeeding Magical Photo in 3 Key Steps

You’ve seen them on Facebook, haven’t you? Yes, I’m talking about the beautiful, colourful, and artistic tree of life breastfeeding photos that seems to have given more breastfeeding mamas the confidence to share their magical brelfies. It’s definitely not surprising that breastfeeding tree of life pictures have become a viral trend.

I find their colour combinations intriguing and fascinating, and I couldn’t resist creating my own breastfeeding tree pictures; thanks to what has now become the tree of life breastfeeding app – PicsArt.

They are so easy to make … but be warned: they make for easy time-consuming distraction.

So, here we go … my easy peasy step-by-step guide and most comprehensive tutorial for making your very own tree of life breastfeeding pictures in 3 key steps:

1. Choose the breastfeeding and tree pictures you want to combine

  • Search for and save your desired tree or other picture from Google or other search engines
    • Search for ‘tree of life’ for example
    • Tap the picture you want
    • Tap the ‘options’ to ‘view original image’
    • Tap the ‘option’ (↑ in a square on iOS) to save the image
  • Or draw your tree picture and upload it to your pictures folder

2. Remix your picture with the PicsArt Photo Studio editing app

  • Download the PicsArt photo editing app to your Android, IOS, or Windows device
  • Open PicsArt to access your breastfeeding photo
    • tap the pink + symbol,
    • tap ‘Edit‘,
  • Scroll through the edit options, and tap ‘Add Photo‘ (7th option) to add your tree picture


  • Scroll through the edit options, and tap ‘Stickers‘ (6th option), then use the search icon to look for the ‘tree of life‘ stickers, to choose a tree from the app
  • Enlarge or reduce, rotate and position your tree picture where you want – usually overlapping your child’s latch
  • Tap the ‘Blend‘ edit option (this is rarely needed if your tree is from the ‘tree of life’ stickers in the app)
    • choose ‘Overlay‘ for transparent tree pictures or ‘Multiply‘, ‘Color Burn‘, ‘Darken‘ for those with a background, to merge it with your breastfeeding picture
  • Tap ‘Apply‘ from the top menu to confirm you’re happy with your edits so far
  • Then tap the ‘Magic‘ edit option for a range of filters to transform your picture
  • Lastly, tap the ‘Apply‘ option to confirm your final edit


3. Save your edited picture

  • Tap the forward arrow → to share or/and save your tree of life breastfeeding picture

It really is as simple as these, and you’ll be a pro at the steps by the time you work through it once or twice.

And guess what? You can now share and chat about it in my Breastfeeding Expressions Facebook Group.


  • You can undo changes throughout the editing process, even after you’ve saved or shared an edited picture
    • I’ve created different images of the tree of life breastfeeding pictures this way
  • Feel free to experiment with the edit options on the app, you might be pleasantly surprised
    • You can, for example, adjust the opacity of tree picture before or after editing in the ‘Blend’ mode
  • The most popular filters in the ‘Magic’ editing mode seems to be:
    • Flare
    • Rainbow
    • Midnight

What else can you do with your picture?

You can get it printed on cards / keyrings /canvas / cushions / textiles etc, and you can do these quite cheaply on sites like

How did you get on? Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.
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A very easy step-by-step guide on how to make your own tree of life breastfeeding magical breastfeeding photo in 3 key steps, with @picsart app - the tree of life breastfeeding app.