The Gift of Precious Sparkle

As he laid sleeping on the couch at church on Sunday, I couldn’t help but feel such immense gratitude to God, in every fibre of my being.

This precious little person has changed my life in a way I could never have envisaged.

He looked so peaceful, as he caught up on much-needed rest. He had expelled so much energy since he woke up, and he hadn’t had his usual sleep in the car on the way that morning.

I’m amazed at how energetic he is one moment, and calm whilst enjoying ‘mummy’s milk’, the next.

Looking at him, I saw (and see) a life-size gift from God. A gift I wasn’t sure I wanted for many years, but a gift I definitely needed without knowing it.

He has brought so much perspective into my life, and really helped me on the journey to keep work in its rightful place.

He has brought so much more laughter into our home and my relationships. He is a gift that keeps giving.

He delights my heart in a way only he can, and often keeps smiles on my face.

He gives me another reason to get home to my family when I’m away from them.

He gives me so much to think and write about; and a lot of photographic opportunities too 🙂kr

He gives me reasons to go out of the house with him and enjoy God’s creation. I know it wouldn’t be a dull moment, with his eyes darting from one thing to another, and his head moving here and there as he takes in his surroundings.

You know, the grass looks greener with him in my life, and life’s winters are not as cold. 🙂

He has given me so much courage and motivation to try new things, and boldness to stand up and make my voice heard.

He baffles me, astounds me, intrigues me, keeps me on my toes, and on my hands and knees sometimes. He definitely fills my heart with incredible joy, and my thoughts with reasons to live well.

I am so very thankful for the gift that he is to my husband and I; the gift I wasn’t sure I wanted … the gift I did not know I needed … the gift I’m so very thankful I have!

I’m amazed at how much I’m willing to do to look after and nurture him … the gift that he is to me. Do you know, I think I’ll literally climb mountains and descend down valleys if needed; even though heights are not my thing.

The joys I’ve experienced changing his nappy, confirming that he was adequately fed … the delight at hearing him burp, confirming that he had no trapped gas … and so many other (previously termed ‘yucky’) things, especially in those early months of his life. If someone told me that I would gladly do these and more before I got pregnant, I wouldn’t have believed them; definitely not the nappy changing anyway.

The world through his eyes is full of such wonder and discovery; and my, how he keeps me young at heart! I delight in making and repeating meaningless sounds, lying on the floor to play, pretending to run after him, and so much more.

The gift that is Precious Sparkle has made …

… my life richer, my taste more experimental, my nose more accommodating, my hands stronger, my sight sharper, my steps faster, my reactions quicker, my senses more acute …

…. my heart softer and stronger, my mind larger and more focused, my prayers more erratic and particular, my hopes more faith-filled and hopeful, my values more realistic and reasonable, my thoughts more muddled and clearer, myself more determined and inspired in so many ways / areas …

… and my existence more purposeful.

I pay more attention to detail, I am more imaginative and less judgemental, more chilled and less uptight, more aware of living and able to enjoy it; because of the gift of my Precious Sparkle!

He has taught me so much, and my memory bank is enriched beyond my wildest dream.

I can go on, and on, and on; but I must stop writing now and go to bed.

What are your life-size gifts that keep giving?

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    • Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m feeling better now; I really do hate migraine … I suppose everyone does lol. 🙂 The rewards that comes with motherhood / parenthood can not be quantified, or even adequately qualified. I’m glad I took the plunge in it; what discoveries … amazing discoveries, I continue to make. Thanks for caring.

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  2. Beautiful post! I love the part about how you didn’t know you wanted the gift but you actually needed it! Children are the most precious gift ever! Thanks for linking up to Share A Smile! xxxx

  3. Isn’t it amazing how these waves of love and emotion hits us parents. I often feel like this when I go in to check on the girls before going to bed. I feel so lucky and happy to have these beautiful girls in my life. Such a beautiful post. Thanks for linking up to #MyCapturedmoment xxx
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