When The Last Latch Comes

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When the last latch comes
I’m not sure what I’ll do
Oh the emotions that will rise
At the end of such an era

What a ride it would have been
Starting with our first latch
A fabulous moment had
So special beyond words

Too soon followed by breastfeeding hell
The bloodied valley of nipples battering
Bosom Pains that I never knew could be
Pains that seemed worst than that of birth

The advised … no … instructed Formula top-ups
The lack of info about needed pumping
The unknowing descent into low milk supply
The price of breastfeeding illiteracy

I won’t miss your piercing hungry cries
The hot tears through painful feeds
The helpless frustration in your father’s eyes
My in-depth desperation to make it work

Last LatchBut oh, the wonderful rise from the rot
The refusal to accept the seeming inevitable
“No way”, Friends, HV, GP, “would I stop trying”
I prayed, I hoped, whatever it took

The clicking in the brain to reach for help
The confusion with rugby hold from the helpline
The light of the phone talk with the local LLL leader
The one-on-one breastfeeding saver session

The belting cries to the stranger lactation consultant
Her gentle reassuring words that it might yet happen for me
My word, NCT trainers you did a good job here
The free session from a compassionate heart

Yes, Precious Sparkle, the rise was fab
Hours and hours at the pump for you
Power pumping, double pumping, pumping whilst feeding
Praying, hoping, feeding, reading, LLL meetings

Yippee it worked! The Formula gone but top ups remain
All my milk now, so much sterilising still
The packing to go out, what a roller coaster ride
How I found the time, I’ll never know

It got better and better and better
No more bottles allowed anymore
The lip stick latch banished forever
Our latch tango mostly perfected

O my son, to think one day, sometime
You’ll latch for the last time
My bosom no longer your stay
Would you warn me? Prepare me for it?

The thought of it all makes me cry
Fills me with gratitude for what we’ve had
O my son, you don’t remember I’m sure
The first time you reached to stroke my face

I shall miss our bosom games
Squeezing our eyes back and forth
Giggling with my nipples between your teeth
Whilst I laughed and hoped no ouch will be

Precious Sparkle, how would it be
No more breastfeeding acrobatics
I won’t miss that much
But oh your “eat”, “eat” requests

I hope we go for a while longer
Another 6 months to my 2 years goal
Or might we have another few years left
Not sure what your father will say to that

I’ve fought so hard for us to latch well
Even my work could not get in the way
And latching around others got better
As I learnt to make my clothes work for us

So, when our latch is forever over
When the last latch comes for us
I shall be thankful for what we’ve had
But also sad to turn the page

When the last latch comes our way
I’m not sure what I will do
But as we’ve loved through the latch
I’m sure we love beyond the latch

Because I loved you way before any latch

For now, I’ll cherish our feeds more
Even when you turn, twist, and tumble
I will soak in our still frequent feeding
Knowing that one day … probably without notice … it’ll be our last latch

When you stopped breastfeeding, did you know it was your last latch before it happened? How did you feel?

Do you ever reflect on when you wouldn’t be able to do something that is precious to you, ever again?

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35 thoughts on “When The Last Latch Comes

  1. What beautiful words! I can imagine the last latch will be very emotional xx
    Unfortunately with my first I only fed her for 2 weeks, but am 30 weeks pregnant now with my second and determined to make it work this time. So hopefully that final feed will be a lot later on x

    • I hope so too. Congratulations on baby #2 and thanks for your kind comments. It was emotional write that post; tears did drop :-). She still fed for 2 weeks … that definitely counts for a lot … it’s really FORTUNATELY 🙂 Hoping with you for a longer journey this time round 🙂

  2. My last feed was about an hour ago, 18 motnhs my little one is now. Will aim to stop at 2 years I think 🙂
    Go Breast!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s interesting, isn’t it – how determines it’s the last latch. I suppose sometimes we do, sometimes our children do, and sometimes we both do. All the time, we adjust to the new ways of loving and nourshing. 🙂

  3. This is beautiful. The last time I fed my son I was so emotional, I didn’t want it to end. I had known for weeks breastfeeding wasn’t really right for us anymore but every time I said ‘this is the last feed’ it never was, until one day we were cuddled up in bed and he fell asleep feeding, we both napped together and when I woke up I knew that was the last time. I regret stopping at 10 months now, if I ever have another child I will try to feed for longer. This is a lovely post.xx #breastfeedingandi
    wendy recently posted…Baby feeding rooms – a help or hindrance to breastfeeding mums?My Profile

    • Thanks; and thanks for sharing your story. It’s intriguing how you just knew that was it. How did your little man take it? Why do you regret stopping at 10 months, in hindsight. I’m going to tweet you to ask if you have a post about this – I’m really curious now. Did you know it was the last latch whilst you were feeding? So sorry I have so many questions; it’s all so interesting 🙂

      • I just knew..he had lost all interest in feeding, was not feeding for long at all so my supply started to suffer. He had weaned himself down to one feed a day at naptime and then he only fed for about 10 minutes before he fell asleep. I didn’t see the point in carrying on for one 10 minutes feed a day, plus I had lots of bottle feeding people around me and I felt like people thought it was odd that I was still feeding at 10months anyway. If I had known people like you who had carried on to 1 year and beyond I may have put more effort into pumping to get my supply back up and to get Leo interested in feeding again. As it turned it out he didn’t miss it at all, not once after we stopped did he pull at my top or get upset about having a bottle. I haven’t written a post about it as I wasn’t blogging at that time but maybe I will one day xx

        • It’s incredible how different they all are, isn’t it. Mine at 18m still feeds at a frequency that will put some mums off. When they’re ready, they’re read. I’ve learnt that you can’t force a child to breastfeed. The world beyond mummy’s chest holds more interest as they grow older, and rightly so.

          If you do write a post about it, tag me in the tweet share and I’ll pop over for a read. 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by to answer my questions.

  4. Oh my goodness. Tears to my eyes! Well done you for persisting. Your story sounded oh-so familiar to me. I’m one year in and the weaning has begun. It breaks my heart to think that our journey will be over one day. I only hope I know the last latch when it happens. #breastfeedingandI

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. There were tears as I wrote it too; quite a trip down memory lane. Glad you could relate. I hope you know too; in the mean time, every feed, I bet is that much more precious. Breastfeeding isn’t forever, hey. 🙂 Thanks for joining in with #BreastfeedingandI!

  5. Oh wow! such an emotional poem it brought tears to my eyes – I share a lot of the same emotion as you do – I worry about the end, and I worry that I will ‘miss’ our last feed by being distracted or not realising it is going to be our last. For me the last feed is going to be so important.
    We are still going at nearly 20 months and I hope we have got a few more months left – I would love to make it to at least 2 years too.
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…Eleven Things Tag (Part 2)My Profile

    • Your comment means so much; thanks :-). They brought me to tears too. The last feed will be super important to me too. It’ll be the end of a fab actitivity that has dominated motherhood for me (so far). I kinda hope I know when the last one happens. I hope you get to 2 years too; and perhaps beyond if you fancy 🙂

  6. Beautiful writing, so heartfelt.

    Weve not had our last feed yet (unless something changes by the morning). But I keep wondering when it might be, as he has begun to lose interest in the first thing in the morning feed. Its been such a special time.

  7. The price of breastfeeding illiteracy – what a powerful line. Knowledge really is power and I’m so glad that you managed to find the support you needed to keep breastfeeding. I have no doubt that the last latch will indeed be a sad moment and perhaps you won’t realise at the time that it is the last one. I did know with Jessica because her feeds had dwindled down and as I was away one night, it seemed the right time to stop. It did mean I got to treasure that last feed. I’m not sure yet how it will stop with Sophie though.
    Louise recently posted…World Breastfeeding Week: Sharing our journeyMy Profile

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. It continues to be a bumpy but exciting ride and I’m not in a hurry to see how long it’ll go on for. So lovely that you knew when the last latch happened; how precious soaking in every nano-second. I think I’ll be an emotional wreck if I knew; probably crying uncontrollably and talking in riddles. :-). We’ll see. All the best with Sophie.

  8. After our chat in the blogging group, i’ve been brave and shared my story! I hope it goes down well! Just having a look through some of your old posts! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to contribute when I have another baby!

    • Thanks Jo for dropping by and hanging out; even more for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it and it definitely went down well; why wouldn’t it. It’s your story and your experience, and definitely to add to the ongoing conversations about infant feeding.

      Your infant feeding / breastfeeding related old / new posts are welcome on #BreastfeedingandI whenever. 🙂

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