Win £30 Parcel2Go Free Delivery Credit

Parcel2Go is a top parcel delivery comparison site in the North West of England; they offer cheaper alternatives for posting a range of parcels. I first came across them last year via my Money Saving Expert email from Martin Lewis. They had a £10 off offer for  new customers … AND WAIT FOR THIS … without any minimum spend! That’s a bbbaaaarrrrgain, won’t you say.

So when I came across their ‘Sent With Love’ campaign promoting ‘not-so-snail-mail’, I wanted to find out more. Communication via the net has dominated my interactions in recent years but snail mail remains very dear to me. We live in a world that makes it very easy to neglect quality contact with our nearest and dearest. In this atmosphere, Parcel2Go’s project to encourage British folks to get posting to loved ones abroad is a relationship kindler! Their survey of 750 people about their keeping in touch habits when it comes to family overseas was quite a revelation … unfortunately, not shocking.

Fancy this right, ONLY 7.6%  of those surveyed bothered to send parcels to family abroad. I don’t know about you, but there’s part of me that thinks this is a real shame. Imagine all the laughter, delights, anticipation, and surprise elements of traditional mail that so many are missing out on. I’ve decided to make more effort with posting memories; I’m harnessing the potential of snail mail to enhance my interactions with family and friends.

You can join in too, and put more smiles on your loved ones faces.

“Opening an email from you will make them happy, but an unexpected gift sent the old-fashioned way will really make their day”, said Robert Mead, Parcel2Go’s Marketing Manager. You know what, I totally agree.

Parcel2Go is inviting people from the UK with loved ones overseas to contact them and “share their stories of how they know each other, what special tokens they would send abroad and why. The people with the most interesting and sentimental stories to share will be invited to take part in the ‘Sent With Love’ campaign.” Those selected “will be asked to send a special gift or token to their loved one abroad … through, and to document a photo diary of the parcel’s journey”.

The winner of this judged competition will receive £30 off their delivery costs; this will be credited to their existing or new Parcel2Go PrePay account to help send gifts to loved ones abroad.

So, what would you like to send to loved ones abroad? Your children’s drawings, baby scan photo, pictures of special occasions, a card or letter? What would you write? Who would you send something to? I can’t wait to read about it.

So, get creative enter the competition.

With your £30 Parcel2Go free delivery credit, you can send parcels within the EU and beyond. Visit Parcel2Go to get an idea of what your package might cost to post, depending on its weight and size. I used my free ‘Sent With Love’ promotional code to send my 1kg-ish parcel to family across the pond via the UPS Express option; recommended for its top quality delivery. Look out for my review on this.

See the competition widget below for all entry options and the terms and conditions of the competition.
Please note that all entries are automatically validated, and all winner’s entries are manually confirmed.

Win a £30 Parcel2Go Free Delivery Credit


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45 thoughts on “Win £30 Parcel2Go Free Delivery Credit

  1. This would be fab for sending family presents as we are currently scattered all over the country!

  2. We had started to clear out some of the piles of saved items from our loft and quickly discovered eBay (rather than dumping or taking to the charity shop) as a great way to recycle. We would use the credit to make the postage, on some of the heavier items, cheaper for the buyers.

  3. I take stationary to children in Sri Lanka every year when I go, unfortunately I wouldn’t be going this year as it will be hard to travel with my twins. This would be a fantastic opportunity to send a parcel. The pleasure I get by doing this is priceless. Thank you for the chance Mo. xx

  4. My Grandma collects old thimbles so I’m currently designing an advent calendar that will have a different thimble for each day. I’d love to be able to post it to her in Canada as it’s costing me a fortune to put it together.

  5. My mum and dad have just emigrated to Spain and I would love to win this amazing giveaway so we can send them some photos and drawings from the kids. Plus they both turn 60 in the next 6 months and would like to send them some goodies for their birthdays from England. Thank you for the chance. Fingers and toes crossed. X

  6. We have some dear friends who live in france and I would love to send them a special package but full of drawings, toys and all the things we know they will be missing

  7. My son has just moved out his little brother sending him lots of pics and letters and he will be away for his birthday so this will allow us to send him lots of presents 🙂

  8. My mum has moved to Spain, and I often send her presents for birthday or Mothers Day if I can’t make it out!

  9. I quite often use ipostparcels for large items I sell on ebay that are over 10kgs, they are really good for things like that, would come in handy over christmas too x

  10. my uncle, aunt and cousins live in australia and are always asking us to send UK brands that they miss, so this would be great for that xx

    • Addition to my entry, which I sent before saying what I would include in my package.

      Funny how it is the things we take for granted that we miss the most!!

      These are things regularly requested, by my family in Australia.

      Sherbet Spaceships
      Cadbury’s creme bar
      Smith crisps Salt’N’Bag
      Walnut whip
      Caramac bars

  11. I’d send some traditional British gems to my family in Canada. Mainly Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (before they changed) and tea! (With updates on the family of course!) 🙂 x

  12. I would send a package of British dog treats and products to my friend in the USA 🙂

  13. I would send Christmas presents for my two nephews in Hungary 🙂 they love cars (of course)

  14. My brother lives in Australia and I’d love to send him videos and photos of my girls. Their nursery and school reports. A kind of scrap book of them. My little one he has only met once and i know although he loves Australia he wishes australia was closer to home x

  15. I have a nephew in Canada. He loves receiving photos of and pictures drawn by his young cousins 🙂

  16. I would send a Present to my friend Marek Jedwabnik in Ostrolenka in Poland ( 2 hours from Warsaw). We used to be flatmates until he went home to Poland to get married and now keep in touch via text and Email. A couple of times a year though I like to send him a parcel of all the things he liked about British life. It always involves some sweets (At Easter I send him Easter Eggs, at Xmas a Selection Box and Chocolate Santa) and at this time of Year some Bonfire Toffee and other seasonally themed things. Ive noticed Whittards has some Toffee Apple Tea and I think he would like that, so its on the list. I enclose a Card appropriate to the Season and always include a letter and some photos of my Cats – He remembers them as Kittens and loved them so its nice for him to see them all grown up! Also, tongue in cheek – I send him some postcards of London plus a cheesy souvenir (Telephone box key ring or Union Jack Mug for example) to make him smile!

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