Win an Emma-Jane Maternity and Nursing Bra

In honour of the breastfeeding awareness events happening this August, Emma-Jane Maternity is offering one my lovely readers the opportunity to win an Emma-Jane Maternity’s Next Generation bra 365. It is seemfree … talk about comfy … and can be used as both a maternity and nursing bra. Even better, it has removal pads, and its cup adjusts to fit sizes B to F cups. It also comes in 3 colours – black, skin, and white.

So, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or know someone who is, this giveaway is definitely for you.

All entry options are optional, and I hope you enjoy the linked breastfeeding awareness blog.

Emma Jane 365

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Emma-Jane Maternity Next Generation nursing / maternity bra,

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The terms and conditions of the competition are on the widget for your information.

Please note that every entry is validated by the widget and all the winner’s entries are manually confirmed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

All the very best with your entries.

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Win an Emma-Jane Next Generation maternity and nursing Bra

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39 thoughts on “Win an Emma-Jane Maternity and Nursing Bra

  1. I think it’s a great thing and normalising breastfeeding is fantastic and necessary. Great giveaway!

    • Indeed; breastfeeding is good for those who breastfeed, their infants, their families, society, and the environment. Fab giveaway, definitely.

  2. I think breast feeding has got to be better than from a bottle (but I don’t have any kids so what do I know?)

    • We don’t have to experience things to have an opinion about it. 😀 I’ve done both, and I definitely prefer breastfeeding, though bottles have their pros too.

  3. Breast feeding week is aimed at increasing awareness. I believe more involvement regularly is required in order to develop a Suportive Culture.

    • Raising awareness is very important, isn’t it. So much more definitely needs to be done, and it’s fab there are many organisations and individuals who continue to work on this.

  4. i think world breastfeeding week is positive however i struggled to breastfeed due to various illnesses and having an emergency c-section and although i did breastfeed for 3months it was a real struggle and i feel all these campaigns now just leave me with a guilt. Would love to win this for my friend who is breastfeeding as anything that makes it easier is def. a plus!

    • Dear Holly, so sorry that breastfeeding didn’t work for you in the way you planned; it’s so difficult when life doesn’t work as we like. Please don’t feel guilty, breastfeeding awareness is not intended to make any mum feel guilty. One of its key aims is to promote more support to make sure that more mums achieve their breastfeeding goals, and that the infant food industry does right by their customers around the world.

      We do what we can for our children given our situation, throughout our parenting journey; some things will work as we want, and others won’t. For our well-being, for our families, for our children, we mums must find ways to banish ‘mummy-guilt’, so that we have more energy to face what lies ahead on the parenting road.

      So lovely of you to enter this competition for your friend; it’s lovely to have good breastfeeding bras, isn’t it.

        • My pleasure, Holly. If you would like to discuss your feelings further, feel free to PM my page on Facebook.

          I’m working on a breastfeeding project, and perhaps you could write about your experience for me to share, it helps in anyway – I’m sure many mums will identify. I’m also going to be writing a post about mummy guilt soon, perhaps you might find it interesting.

          I think it’s so lovely that you’re this supportive of your friend’s journey, despite your own experience. And you know, one of the reason why I wrote the post was because of some of the comments I read about how some mums felt about the week. I really hope you feel better.

      • i have just read some of your responses to other people too!! and i think you are beautifully empathetic whilst also making valued points!! you should be very proud of your style you are very humbling! so many of this topic warrior either way and you have answered people responses very rounded. love it!

        • Thanks so much for taking the time to read further and comment again; and my what a lovely, encouraging and affirming comment too. Your comment means so much and I’m so glad you left it; it definitely touched more than a cord in me. Accurate information is really important, but so is compassion – maybe even more. We need to relate with each other with more compassion in this world, and definitely on the parenting road. 🙂

  5. Fantastic prize, would be great for my daughter-in-law she is having her first, and wants to breast feed. Would love to win this for her

  6. I think it is each to their own, I personally won’t be breast feeding. I would prefer to know that my baby is getting all the nutrients he needs and to be able to see the amounts he taking. But fair play to Mummy’s who do breast feed as that is their choice. No body should judged negatively because of what they choose for their baby, so long as the best intentions are there.

    • Hello Terrie-Ann, thanks for your comment. We are very fortunate that we live in a world with so many safe options for us, on the parenting road. It’s a fact that human breast milk is the perfect food for human babies (and so much more), just like human wombs are the perfect place for human babies to develop for the first 9 months of life; and there are many ways to know that infants are getting enough breast milk – e.g. at the start, wet and solid nappies are important indicators.

      Even then, I appreciate the certainty that comes with seeing the actual amounts of milk that babies consume, and I experienced this for many months on my journey, first with breast milk substitute, and later with the breast milk that I pumped and hand expressed. Formula is nutritionally adequate for babies, but it unfortunately can not have all the good stuff that human breast milk has for human babies, for a number of reasons – this is a well researched and documented fact. I must say that I love breastfeeding.

      However, as you said, each to their own; it’s our bodies and our children, and we try to do the best we know for them, within our context. I think it’s important that we interact with each other with love and compassion, and definitely not judgement; the parenting road is challenging enough as it is.

      All the best to us as we learn more, and try to make informed decisions for ourselves and our children.

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