The Wonder of Ordinary Grass

In the really early days of motherhood, the nervous mum in me tended to be overly cautious about what my little one was exposed to. For example, he was always held in some way when we were outdoors, he was never allowed on the floor. That is until I saw one of my mummy friends allow her son on the grass in the garden of one of our play groups. Whilst I struggled to come to terms with this, I was also at once intrigued and challenged by it. So much so, that I was moved enough to cautiously allow my little one on the grass. Boy, am I glad I did? You bet I am!

My son's meeting with grass

My son’s meeting with grass

My little one’s ensuing examination of the grass still puts smiles on my face. I saw him taking on his new surrounding fearlessly; with a truly brave heart, never mind his mum’s misgivings. He explored the grass in a way I couldn’t understand.

I suppose I can’t remember when I first encountered grass, and I definitely don’t find anything much interesting about grass beyond its offer of a cushion under my feet when I walk on it or my bottom when I sit on it. I don’t pay attention to grass or give it my time.

Well, the grass on that patch of the garden my son sat on that day definitely got his full attention and examination. I was at once amused and fascinated by his focus on the feel and sight of grass, and I’m so glad I witnessed it. It filled me with a new wonder about grass and its contribution to the beauty around me.

I will pay more attention to the ordinary as I see the world through the eyes of my little one. I will see the wonder of ordinary grass, and I’m sure my life will be more enjoyable for it.

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    • Hello Merlinda, thanks for dropping by and for your lovely linky. It is such joy to see our children discovering the world around it; so fascinating and intriguing. Glad I made you remember a very lovely memory. Hopefully see you more at #LetKidsBeKids.

  1. It’s hard to let go at the start isn’t it? But like you say, when you do… wow you really are rewarded! This is such a cute story and picture, that’s made me think back at the girls at this age. Amazing!
    Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx
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